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Foureyez tv

Josh Allen looked ok, o line could’ve been better

    Renato Paras

    Aiyana waggoner


    They will once Morse comes back

    Carbon X

    I think it was pretty solid the only problom was play action

    Hard Work1994

    Leaps and bounds better than last year and it’s only the first preseason with a completely new unit

    Foureyez tv

    @Hard Work1994 exactly. I’ve been tryna tell people though preseason is generic offense and defense, so some bad teams look good, and some good teams look bad


Barkley looking like a great backup

    Seisman 75

    Please, don’t talk yourself in believing that. He’s garbage.


    Shut up you ain’t getting no giants players buddy.

    Seisman 75

    @mrAcrobaticRBLX I think he was talking about Matt Barkley. LOL


    mrAcrobaticRBLX damn, you really that dumb? Might want to delete that comment to save your pride.

Mike J

Eagles fan here. Looking for backup QBs

    Joshua Branson

    Already preparing for the inevitable Carson Wentz injury My man finally a Smart Eagles fan

    Stan ezen

    Kapernickel says hi

    Pug Racer

    Youve got till at least week 6 before Wentz get hurt.

    MChuck 12-64

    @Pug Racer He lasted till week 14 in his second season and started in about 10 or 11 games last season so when the weeks reach double digits that’s when he’ll probably go down

    Zucca 636

    How about look for your starter to actually finish a season

Bling Panda

4:59 I got so confused bc I wasn’t lookin and thought that was the receiver’s name

    Godspeed Productions

    Praktis Kic

    Bills Mafia

    Bling Panda lmfao.

    James Erb

    “What a grab by PRACTICE KICK”


I love Zay but come on help Allen out


    Hockey2323 he ended up getting injured


    StupidMenEntertainment he’s fine now

Bills Mafia

It’s crazy how literally every bills draft pick played amazing (obviously not knox cause he’s hurt rn)

    Freddy FTW

    Bills Mafia he tore his ACL in practice did you not hear the news unless I had a crazy dream or something 😂😂😂😂 I will have to double check but hope it just was a dream

    Bills Mafia

    Freddy FTW uhhhh. It was a dream lol. They have no practice today too


    @Freddy FTW that wasn’t nsekhe, it was ladrian waddle and he is a back up o-linemen. not a huge loss.


    beane and McDermott def are looking like they know what they are doing the past 2 years in the draft.


Chad Kelly looked good out there..

    Emilio Jimenez

    Hella good, nice potential but release is slow af

    Stealthbomb Smith

    @ClaudioTheCrowing109 he’s got the right person there to keep him on the right path as his HC. Frank has known Chad since Chad was a small child.

    Khalil Grier

    He would’ve been the starter for the Broncos if he didn’t get in trouble last year.

Cringe Central

7:57 the speed of this man my god


    Jaun Schambreel there’s not that much speed in rugby compared to how quick receivers and running backs have to be in American football.

    Jaun Schambreel

    @Jackman1st lol how sure are you about that statement…I mean yeah athletes at average may be faster but my friend if you think there is no speed in rugby to compare to the wideouts and running backs you are very wrong

    Joe Adinolfi

    Jackman1st how can u make such an ignorant statement like that?? Lots of fast men all over the world come’on man!

    Mo S

    @Jackman1st no there is.

Michael Huffin

Not too bad for our first preseason game. The 3th string quarterback Kelly looking pretty good out there. #ColtsNation

    Michael Huffin

    @Bills Mafia okay

    Michael Huffin

    @FACE OF BEAR LOL I mean 3rd

    Bills Mafia

    FACE OF BEAR lol

    Be careful Eye Know Who Eye Am

    Phillip walker is trash though.

    Kaden Kullberg

    @Be careful Eye Know Who Eye Am he did decent but definitely did the worst

Lewis Bly

Rugby fan from England. Grew up watching Christian Wade. So glad he showed what he can do in the NFL! SPEEEEEEED 💪 Hope he can really turn it up for the Bills. Definitely watching them this year. Hope he makes it into the team.


    He can t play this year ,it a rule for the WHOLE international player b’s ..It sucks but he s gonna start next year ,the dude is nasty asf


    @Joe Nah dude he CAN start if he makes the team right out of preseason.

    Brandon Ohara

    @DPMgaming Not too sure he’d be on the field for pre season if he couldn’t play this season so I’m pretty sure that’s false.


    Even if he doesn’t make the team and they stash him on the practice squad (which would be likely considering the Bills’ depth at the running back position), the preseason could be considered an audition to impress the other 31 teams who might be eyeing him. All it takes is one team to take a chance on scooping him up.

    And who says he can’t play in the regular season? If he makes the 53 man roster of the Bills or any other team, he is eligible to play in any game this season. Even if he’s on the practice squad, he can replace an injured player from the 53 man roster and play.


    I met him at the nfl academy

Aries Anderson

That bill o line has josh Allen 4 seconds to throw the ball.
Last year 3 seconds
That’s what I called improvement 😂

    Bills Mafia

    Aries Anderson they looked fine. I’ll remind you we didn’t have morse and had feliciano (a guard) starting at center

    Cam Jackson's football page

    4 seconds is plenty of time

    Bills Mafia

    Cam Jackson’s football page lg average is like 3

    michael edwards

    Bill’s lucky Allen has wheels or he would be David Carr 2.0


Can’t wait to see the Horseshoe in full form. Good game, Bills, enjoy that monster of a QB yall got. Also, keep an eye on that English guy y’all picked up. He could be a beast. Hope you have a good season.

    Bills Mafia

    Aleiyosha gl

    Splitz Cinamatics

    @Bills Mafia you guys are way better then dolphins. Especially with alk those additions. RB more paticular

Rob Peterson

7:55 Christian Wade first ever carry in his first ever football game

    The InvictusSamaritan

    Philly Scorpio I mean he’s not lying.


    I met him at the nfl academy


    He from Britain

    JG33 Boiii

    @mark shaw both sports are tough I cant choose between them

Gert B. Frobe

First and 10 technology provided by Toyota Lets go Places

    Brandon Ohara


Zxz87897 Eznzfrd897

Any football in August is better than any other sport this time of year


Devin Singletary (Lesean McCoy 2.0)🧐


    RNL SLIME if he gets to Lesean’s level I’d be happy, which I think he has the potential.

    Carbon X

    I wanna see Christian wade

    Riley McMonigle

    @Carbon X wade is cool and all. But dont forget hes 28

Niklas Kirk-Jensen

Chad Kelly looking a lot better than Brisset and Walker…

    Karo French

    @Jordan Davis Yes he did look better

    Doug Helsley


    Leroy Brown

    That’s because he is. Kelly is a starting caliber QB. Brisset’s a back up. Walker is a third stringer at best.

    Zachary Shell

    Also 3rd string players he is playing against.

Petty Ceddy

I always thought Chad Kelly was impressive with Denver he looked sharp here too he just needs to stay out of trouble

Charli 33



    I met him at the nfl academy

    Charli 33

    Haytch what was he like?


7:59 – Ex Wasps and England rugby legend Christian Wade. His first touch in his first game. Our loss is Buffalo’s gain. Over the moon for you Wadey!! 🙂

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