Colts vs. Bengals Preseason Week 4 Highlights | NFL 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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Emperor Palpatine Reply

Honestly I don’t think the colts are gonna have much Luck this season

    Erick Colbert Reply

    New jokes, please.

    Stan ezen Reply

    I don’t get it

    Jags Nation Reply


    Douglas Mason Reply

    Was that a pun???

    ShinyMooTank Reply

    I see what you did there… you made a funny.

M G Reply

Hope Andrew Luck has a good retirement.

    Larry Legend is a GOAT Reply

    He won’t be getting sacked every other play so I think he’ll have a good one

Justiceorelse Reply

#1 is gonna get cut from the Colts….. two muffed punts

    Sir Weedle Reply

    Justiceorelse Kevin Hart plays football now? 😂

    bruce911duece Reply

    aint that the truth good lord smh..too scared out there

Jared GOAT Reply

Colts undefeated without luck

    TheOmiester Reply

    Sorry but I think my team, the bills beat your team

    telsa roadster Reply

    @TheOmiester luck was still on the team when they played the bills .

    Scott Gomez Reply

    @TheOmiester its preseason

    Splitz Cinamatics Reply

    Bro watch us go undefeated

    Splitz Cinamatics Reply


anandguruji83 Reply


    Gombeen Reply

    dgd jay he does this all the time for preseason regular season post season for every team

    Noah Smith Reply

    dgd jay i agree it’s just preseason and this guy is a loser but don’t one up him by saying the colts will be awful, you sound silly. luck isn’t replaceable (no QB this team comes close to his skill set) but the colts are still a deep football team.

    The Nimble Ninja Reply

    NFL still not as gay as NASCAR.

    Cory Honeycutt Reply

    @dgd jay colts will be far from awful but we certainly took a hit when 12 quit.

Burt Macklin Reply

Well that punt returner for the Colts played himself right off the team.

    ShinyMooTank Reply

    The punt returner fumbles 2 punts… The returner knows how to put his hand in the air and call a fair catch right?

    stop hating and spread love Reply

    @ShinyMooTank returners usually didn’t call fair catch in preseason.

    ShinyMooTank Reply

    stop hating and spread love
    So returners can sit still and get flatten by speeding fridge. That’s a great way to start the regular season.

    stop hating and spread love Reply

    @ShinyMooTank because they need to show their ability and fight for the roster.

    Half Elite Reply

    Burt Macklin R.I.P career

808bboarder Reply

I think overall Colts have a solid squad still. The QB situation is definitely gonna hinder them a bit but they should be used to not having Luck lol

    ShinyMooTank Reply

    I can see them rushing more this season…

    Splitz Cinamatics Reply

    We have a REALLY solid team. Like if you see the depth at every position

Broke Marley Reply

Those colts linebackers shoot gaps like no other team……. The reason they led the league in run defense

    Splitz Cinamatics Reply

    And we got more this year 😅

S2K_ Blitz Reply

Colts got a win finally

Jason Holland Reply

From what I’ve seen from Chad Kelly, he’s still better than Mariota

    Evil Duck Reply

    Nah Marigoata better

    daniel Quiroga Reply

    Anyone is better than Mariota even a mop jaja

    Victor Oladipo #indyismycity Reply

    Jason Holland mariota is still the worst QB in the division lol

    Michael Woodburn Reply


Richard Mitto Reply

Honestly that colts kick returner is outta a job 😭😭😭

cutler1225 Reply

I like Kelly

    Barbara Chieppo Reply

    I do too Go Colts🏈

Francisco Torres Reply

Colts lost their QB Andy Fortune, but they’re in luck because their defense looks great!

    Francisco Torres Reply

    @Son[LEER] Donkey dude…I think you missed the point of my comment….

    Cass Smith Reply

    @Son[LEER] Donkey dude, your Bengals 3rd string played the colts 3rd string too 🤦🏻‍♂️😂

    Son[LEER] Donkey Reply

    @Cass Smith i know my point is even a 5th string defense should make plays against the 3rd string bengals offense

    Herm Reply

    @Cass Smith that was the point…YouTube iqs are so low lately Jesus

    Cass Smith Reply

    @Herm 🤔 he basically said the Bengals backups were in so the Colts should have looked good, I merely stated that it was the Colts backups as well. I thought maybe he was a fan who didn’t know anything about how the preseason works. But as far as IQ goes, mine could quite possibly be higher than yours. I really dgaf, not trying to make myself look good like half these ” look mama I’m so smaaht” people. Everybody is Billy Badass or Albert Einstein behind the screen.

Scott Gomez Reply

They sleepin on mr irrelevant 😴🔴🔵

    Leo Gonzalez Reply

    Who dat?

    Scott Gomez Reply

    Leo Gonzalez chad kelly

    Drew Price Reply

    I wasnt i thought he shouldve got a chance to play in Denver when they had that whole situation with Simeian and Lynch he jist hasnt gotten an opportunity yet

    Scott Gomez Reply

    @Drew Price same man

    Gekyume Onfroy Reply

    I thought Darius Phillips player good for Cincinnati and PFF has him the highest rated corner of all preseason only allowing 2 catches and only 8 yards and has 4 pass break ups a fumble recovery and a pick

Aj Fam Reply

Chad kelly balling

Logan Buckley Reply

Thank you luck, next man up. 1-0 to the superbowl.

Guitarlover44 Reply

3:30 (your welcome) he didn’t even get a chance to stretch his legs and almost broke that shallow slant. #15 gonna be oroy.

    Dr Swagalicious Reply

    You mean Parris Campbell?

    Barbara Chieppo Reply


Ollie Smith Reply

Its like players forgot about the fair catch rule trying to showcase they talent smh poor Hart

Burger Mane Reply

I know Brissett our guy but I like swag Kelly

    Dr Swagalicious Reply

    @Drew Price lmao yeah it does. Thats kinda a big deal chief. Can’t play on Sunday if you’re behind bars

    Indy Castleton Reply

    Dr Swagalicious I think he’s learned his lesson

    Burger Mane Reply

    LaDarrius Jennings hopefully he learned from his mistakes

    Barbara Chieppo Reply

    Kelly’s got some moves

    Leroy Brown Reply

    Kelly will be starting in around week six. Brissett back to the bench.

Splitz Cinamatics Reply

Preseaon MVP, gunslinging kelly or D.J.

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