Colts Owner Jim Irsay Speaks To The Media At Training Camp – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
1 Man Dynasty




Bloodpoet vids

Something so special brewing in Indy, can’t wait for the season. Hats off to you Mr. Irsay

    Victor Oladipo #indyismycity

    Bloodpoet vids you can just feel it in the air


    Bloodpoet vids damn straight!

Blake Richey

Jim sounds fantastic! Good on him


It truly is amazing the man Mr. Irsay became and is. He could’ve gone different road (a much easier road btw) but I believe he saw where he did not want to go growing up and learning from his fathers mistakes. It takes a dedicated man to do so. Hell of an owner and a great man.


Great owner!!! One of the best in the NFL. Hopefully the horseshoe can bring another one back to Indy this season. Bleed blue 🏇

mark shippoli

I could not be more happy for Jim Irsay, and the Colts! Jim looks great, sounds great…there’s a lot of Buzz in Indy abt the Colts, and Nationally. They are all working hard, and truly wanna return to greatness! GO HORSE! 🏈

    420 ColtsLane

    Go Colts!!!

Darrell Oldham

Colts and Pacers looking good can’t wait for the season to start .

Shelley Garman

Watch out folks looks like we a beast this year gonna get that new look ring on!go colts !!!!😎

kwabena donkor

Jim is a better version of Jerry Jone. Both owners love their teams and are willing to spend whatever major difference is unlike Jerry Jim actually let’s the ppl he hire do their jobs rather than trying to be an owner and gm. Let’s go Colts!!!

Stevie Armstrong

It’s#IndianapolisColltsNation4Life Here


Not used to him being this articulate, he seems more connected to the team

Zach Myers

Jim sounds and looks great! Awesome to see.


My man Mr. Irsay! 🤘

420 ColtsLane

Thats my owner ( cries like T.O.)

Justin Sonnier

Lookin good jim. We’re proud of ya!

Lucas B

Jim looks and sounds awesome. Really happy for him. Great guy and best owner in the league.

Bernie Sanders

He looks amazing. Very good to see that, I think he’s ready for another Lombardi.

New Life

My owner, my team absolutely love my Indianapolis Colts. #BleedBlue

Mark Taylor

3.2 billion dollars and you turned them away? Sell the team you bum!!!!

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