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kody konicki Reply

One of the best moments of my life is when this guy signed my jersey at training camp I have it hanging up now

    1 Man Dynasty Reply

    Dope bro

Lawrence Mason Reply

Kenny Moore ii is a real life difference maker. God blessed him to be great in and off the field.

The Ghost of Andrew Luck Reply

Love you Kenny. Or as I call you KM2. When you got your contract I don’t think I could be any happier for another player on our team as much. You grinded your way up. And you balled out when it counted most at the end of the season and in the playoffs. You are a role model and there’s millions of Colts fans that love you sir

Jacoby JaGoaty Reply

Love his man. Best slot corner in the league

Jacoby JaGoaty Reply

And now he’s sacking Mahomes and Intercepting Deshaun Watson in the playoffs!

Christine C Reply

He now has the money to take care of his family. He is such a great guy. One of my favorite players.

Jericho fletcher Reply

Yo kenny your so underrated and such a good guy. Keep it up

darren ford Reply

Kenny has such a great soul..

Chris Laskowski Reply

Love this team so much. I’ve never been used to the Colts having a good defense, but now we can rely on our defense each week, it’s such a great feeling, and Kenny is a big part of that. Great video

Brian Stewart Reply

Thanks Kenny. Proud you are a Colt.

Joseph Pin Reply

My favourite player right now

Alex Reply

WTH I want that cut off jersey. Love your story Kenny. We have the best human beings on our team. Colts nation

Aaron Thompson Reply

Great guy and player what does everyone think of Rock Ya-Sin

    Paul Elliott Reply

    I think he has great potential

1 Man Dynasty Reply

Love this cat man

BhBraaq Reply

Love these

yhDuui Reply

Kenny 💙💙💙

Typical FC Reply

this is why he is my favorite colt player rn

Matthew Stansberry Reply

Good stuff. Hope we get another video to hold our hunger off during the bye. At least we can re watch the replay of the KC games if not. go Colts!

Andy and Vic Reply

His mom seems awesome.

Josh Batchford Reply

The content this channel puts out is unreal.

Wholesome af.

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