Colts Forged: Cain’s Comeback Part 3 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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HalfSh3llHero Reply

Go Colts!!

NPS_OverKill Reply

Oh yea been waiting for this

Zeb Williams Reply

Comeback SZN🔥🔥🔥


Make sure the Colts is busting there butts and not playing around . Make sure they take the game very serious please

    Brice grimes Reply

    just stop football isn’t all about game it is also about meeting new people and making friends

    YUNG DEZZY Reply

    @Brice grimes it’s all about winning . I been a Colts fan for 31 years. I’ve seen how great this team can be and should be

    Brice grimes Reply

    man you must be old


Our receivers need to work on that juking

Nick Pulmano Reply

Damn. Foutain was always there for Cain, while Cain rehabed. Hope it’s the same way around now that Foutain is hurt.

    Kyle Burton Reply

    Guaranteed it is

Brice grimes Reply

lets go Cains back and a great win on sunday

Michael Ajenifuja Reply


Fishing’with Austin Reply

Love the videos and I hope you guys beat Atlanta for my great gramma who just passed away and I was really close to her I will be at the game to support the team GO COLTS!!!!!

    Brice grimes Reply

    im sorry just hope they win just for you

1 Man Dynasty Reply

Is this our future 1 2 at reciver?

    S. D. Reply

    Looks like it.. He’s nasty, Bro.

    Jeremy Sargent Reply

    Go look at DeAndre Hopkins Clemson highlights then compare them to deon. Even Clemson coaches called him a bigger Nuk

NPS_OverKill Reply

When’s part 4

Celia Thompson Reply

I love it

Psycho Bag Of Squanch Reply

Got really high Hope’s for Cain and Campbell!! And hope Fountain and Funchess a speedy recovery

Michigan Wolverine's Reply

Are you kidding me, a FUCKKKKK’N dislike, okay Tennessee Titans fans. That’s how ya feel huh…Go colts baby!

Kyle Burton Reply

Colts are stacked at WR!!!!

Lawrence Mason Reply

Thank God for these Bros in Indy

Chizong Reply

Finna get me a Cain jersey

Colty Reply

Cain Is an Absolute Unit!

Leonard Azure Reply


Dennis Without The D Reply

Deon rocking a Portuguese football shirt, nice to see some cross sport love

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