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D3AL Reply

We got them Titans now let’s get them Falcons 👌🏻

Mauri McFly Reply

That Ebron hurdle was nastyyyyy, love to see this team ball out 😤🔥

Micheal Stillabower Reply

1:15 the RB is literally holding his leg after the cut block. is that not considered offensive holding?

    Jordan Canida Reply

    Micheal Stillabower it is but he let go quick enough to not get a call
    It’s Offensive holding every play but they don’t call it unless is blatant

    Victor Oladipo #indyismycity Reply

    Jordan Canida exactly the first thing they teach you when blocking is how to legally hold lol

    Isaiah Victor Reply

    Yes but that’s the type of holding they will and should always let go

    Victor Oladipo #indyismycity Reply

    Isaiah Victor i know

    Victor Oladipo #indyismycity Reply

    Isaiah Victor but seeing everything is almost impossible

Nomadic Brian Reply

Phew! Win baby. Grinder of a game. Colts still growing. Better every week. 1-0, 1-0, 1-0!

For The COLTure Reply

‪Week 2 Recap: Colts (19) @ Titans (17)

Dilwar Vega Reply

Love this team ! I’m from south Texas and all my life been representing the True Blue !
#COLTSFORGED ! Let’s keep on rolling

Javier Sanchez Reply

We got your back coach! I love this team.

Mike Mercer Reply

So happy Parris got his first TD as a Colt!

    Chris Myers Reply

    Thought his first would be on a Jet Sweep play but this was good enough.

J. Abe Reply

Titans blew this game

    Black Star Reply

    Nope Colts would have won with a bigger lead Adam V cost them 4 points.

Universe Isn’t infinite Reply

Another win against a non elite QB

    Javier Sanchez Reply

    Hope your depression goes away soon friend.

    ColtsFan 1991 Reply

    Javier Sanchez I think he’s a salty Titans fan lol

    Black Star Reply

    There’s only 4-5 elite QBs so what’s your point lol.

Grant Barretto Reply

1:44 I thought that was Chadwick Boseman was a Colts fan for a sec haha

Rey Leanos Reply

Love seeing our guys in blue in action. Go colts beat those birds

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