Colts at Titans: Frank Reich Postgame Press Conference – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

What time does Adam announces his retirement?


    Lol right

    Tevin Thomas


    The Great Wee Wee

    btrigger123 He’s not retiring anymore I don’t think

    Blue Brick Productions

    btrigger123 stfu


Our schedule gets easier. I can see us going 5-1 over the next 6 games. That Chiefs game will be tough on the road but we have 4 of the next 6 games at home.

    #Trivia Number1

    Bobby, yeah man. Brissett’s rly gonna show his potential this season. He’s no Luck, but we definitely have a rly good chance to get into the playoffs.

    Yasir H.

    Falcons game is no joke

    Jason Holland

    I agree! Plus with the dolphins, Steelers, and maybe the saints if Brees is still out could be a lot easier.

    #Trivia Number1

    Jason Holland, Brees would probably not be out for that long lol.


What did I say I know we would win now let’s get them Falcons 👌🏻


I still miss Andrew Luck

    Yasir H.

    That will never heal

    Yasir H.

    Hoosier Hermit no ones getting over that anytime soon so shut up

    Aaron Thompson

    Luck was great but I kinda like the focas of the colts as a team instead of every topic being about luck Jacoby will take time but he’s our guy love this team .

    Colts fan4 Life


    Barron Ingram

    i miss him too but we may as well get over it😢

Hoosier Hermit

Could it be the holder on these kicks?

    Nathaniel Williams

    Hoosier Hermit I don’t think so, Sanchez holds it like he did last year


I love Frank Reich. I remember watching his big comeback game vs Houston back in the day, and said to myself this is a guy worth knowing about. Decades later he is the head coach of my favorite team, and a damn good one.

Lee Shelvin

Love our head coach and GM. You could tell they ooze confidence and leadership. When we finally have everything right to compete for titles, our qb sadly retires. Dam wish Irsay had found the right guys years ago. But let’s go Colts!!!


That 4th down QB sneak was awesome, so ballsy. I wouldn’t have the guts the make that call. Love Frank Reich.

Wesa Zazoo

Titans will be back!

Jacoby JaGoaty

Throw the ball downfield week 3

Colts fan4 Life

back to the lab boys Go Colts

John & Jazzmine Anderson


Malcom Jones

Stop making excuses for Adam Vin missing kick after kicks. He need to do his job, plain and simple. The what he get paid for.this y

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