Evan Sanders

It’s okay Vinny, We got this next week

    J Bros 123456

    Evan Sanders i agree

    Evolution of NBA

    I’m glad everyone’s not angry at him. Most people already gave up on him.

Zachary Pfeifer


Wayne Carter

We got robbed of that game dammit !

Sal Morales

I was at that game

max lank

We lost πŸ™

IG LuckyFetus

“There’s no more excuse, there’s no more can nots”
The defense really needs to step up this weekend against Tenn. So many easy flat routes, easy catches, big runs, poor tackling, terrible special teams.
Gotta clean it up and make those tackles. Vinny needs to get his head outta his butt asap. Let’s get our first W this weekend boys.
Go Colts πŸ’ͺ😀

Mauri McFly

Why didn’t they show the missed field goal? Smh that was the only reason we lost this game

    Kaden Kullberg

    Actually that bs penalty in the beginning when LA was kicking a field goal that led to TD? The colts sent that in to NFL after the game and it turns out there was no penalty, so the refs cost us 4 points


    Mauri McFly the nfl probably tell the kick to stop making records πŸ˜±πŸ˜‚


Our kicker needs to retire I love him but we just need to get a new one but we got week 2 tho πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

Rigoberto Munoz

I was surprised and happy to see do many colts fans at the game

    D the Savage Schwenker

    You could hear the Colts fans whenever the Colts made a play almost as if they were at home

J Henn

If vinatieri has another bad game, he needs to be benched

Mclendon Motorsports

So what happened to Chad Kelly?

    D the Savage Schwenker

    Watching football from his couch I’m guessing cuz I don’t think any other team picked him up

    Zach Schroer

    He has a 2 game suspension. He should be back after the titans game


Do you think overtime needs to be fixed like college or what CFL Canadian does?


    College is 25 and each team get basically two turn

    Canadian Rule is opposite 35 and you have to score and you have to go for two and is also is giving two chances but first round if teams A score a touchdown miss the 2 points and B get the ball and then get interception game is over and there is no clock no kick off need to get injured
    I like the CFL Rule better

    D the Savage Schwenker

    I most definitely like the college format over the pros. Giving each team a chance instead of relying on the flip of a coin. At the same time, defense has to step up and give the offense a chance.

Marquise Parker

Colts Media Team Undefeated asf

Jordan s

Obi one jacoby and the Mack attack cruise into next week to slay the titans!!

Big Trips Keepin it real


Frank Coleman

I don’t wanna get ahead of myself or sound like a crazy fan…sike.

We’re winning the Super Bowl this year.

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