Colts 360 – Week 3

Coach Reich previews the home opener and discusses the effectiveness of the run game. Rookie WR Parris Campbell reacts to his first NFL career touchdown and explains his connection with Lebron James.

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Jay Zbieszkowski Reply

Let’s get this dub 🔥🔥🔥

    Joshua James Hyde Reply

    Jay Zbieszkowski yessir all day bro

    ken davis Reply


    ken davis Reply

    The Colts cannot match up with Atlanta on the outside! Falcons win!( Believe that)……

    Dandre Johnson Reply

    Joshua James Hyde nah

    #Trivia Number1 Reply

    Dandre Johnson, even tho u a Falcons fan, I respect u for watching this vid.

Bigs21 Reply

Go colts!



    Mark Curtis Reply

    BIG JAKE yeaaa I don’t know about that one chief!

    John Marquette Reply

    Mark Curtis i actually like the colts chances leonard is out but kemoko turray is back the dline is good with autry and Houston. Atl’s oline isn’t good/healthy as long as the colts keep running and scoring the better keep atl’s offense off the field. I believe that dline will feast against atl maybe 5-6 sacks maybe a couple of hurries that could turn into turnovers.

1 Man Dynasty Reply

We gotta get this win

1 Man Dynasty Reply

I can’t believe Andrew didn’t want to be part of this

    1 Man Dynasty Reply

    @Adam Nelson for sure

    Jacoby JaGoaty Reply

    He had books to read and museums to visit

    Jamel Ramseur Reply

    @1 Man Dynasty So do I

    Lucas Pease Reply

    @Jacoby JaGoaty spot on lmao

    Harpoon_Bakery Reply

    1 Man Dynasty — As they say “Focus on your strengths, not your weaknesses”

TayO 69 Reply

Let’s Go Colts

Zay Dropped Him Reply

RiseUp get ready for this L

    Lawrence Mason Reply

    @Dandre Johnson and get sacked again by Indy period

    Dandre Johnson Reply

    Lawrence Mason then give it to Julio and rise up again

    Lawrence Mason Reply

    But will you because we Force fumbles here

    Dandre Johnson Reply

    Lawrence Mason so do we Vic Beasley lead in forced fumbles

    Xavier Leslie Reply

    @Dandre Johnson lol is our oline dead ?

dwl815380 Reply

Hate to say it, but if Vinny hadn’t missed FG’s and PAT’s we’d be 2-0!! I would have liked to see him retire to be 100% honest….

    Anthony Solano Reply

    dwl815380 Facts, it’s kinda scary still having him kicking

Eric Knapp Reply

I absolutely love the demeanor, message and attitude of Coach Reich and Ballard. I think that Reich’s playing history commands a ton of silent respect from anyone that he coaches. He will be a successful coach in this league…I’m glad he’s with Indy.

Christian Campbell Reply

Raging Bull would be a fitting nickname for JB. Or something along those lines. I hope that catches on.

Christian Campbell Reply

Larra is doing a fine job in place of Caroline.

zip Luxury Reply

Jacoby just needs to have confidence in his receivers. let his receiver’s go up and get the ball! We have good receivers with great hands!
Don’t get me wrong I’m loving the way that Jacoby is checking down he’s a real Pro and he’s confident in the pocket I love that he makes plays after a scramble but he needs to have confidence in his team!

Nomadic Brian Reply

Colts baby! Crush Ryan’s Hope!

Harpoon_Bakery Reply

any ideas as far as tickets sold? will it be completely full (or mostly full of) blue and white? but more importantly, will it be full. didn’t dakich say there were lots of tix left?

Anthony Scioscia Reply

Last two times the Super Bowl was in Miami, Colts were present. Sleep on this team, they’ll give you an energetic eye-opener. Cannot wait to see our Colts shock the football world

Tiffany Sath Reply

let me give the colts fans something to think about. ok now do you think eagles have a good defense if you agree that they have a good defense then your colts are in trouble. if falcons had three int and still pulled out 3 tds and 24 points for a win how do you honestly think you can stop us unless matty somehow throws 3 more int which i dont believe will happen. falcons win 31-17 but good luck to bad we couldnt play against andrew luck that would be a better game. oh byu the way titans couldnt even score vs the jags lol

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