Coffee with Coach: Week 3 Redskins – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Brandon Reply


Joel Guadarrama Reply

It’s an honor to have you Coach!

miltonm94 Reply

Put up some points please

    Eric Mendoza Reply

    The Defense tried but officials in Denver were bad!

    E- Clipse Reply

    @Eric Mendoza the bears played two great defenses in a row cut them some slack and they dont have to score points as long as they have an elite defense.

    Eric Mendoza Reply

    @E- Clipse not the way to do things! You cannot do that to the Defense; that’s how you get injuries and poor performance.

    E- Clipse Reply

    @Eric Mendoza we are not the chiefs that have to put up 20 or 30 points a game because they dont have a defense. We are not the chiefs. We HAVE a defense so we dont have to score as much pointz.

Damien Gonzalez Reply

Stop running do more passing pass pass run is better then run run pass lmao πŸ»β¬‡οΈ

    Damien Gonzalez Reply

    Bored Murse you dont know sports im only saying what they do ! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    erick Rodriguez Reply

    @Damien Gonzalez ur an idiot against Green Bay we threw the ball 45 times and only ran 15 times wow πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ u sound stupid asf the bears need to be balanced on offense set up play action and move the pocket and plays where trubusky is on the move throwing the ball

    Bored Murse Reply

    @Damien Gonzalez You spelled waterboy wrong. Only an idiot would suggest passing the ball more, especially after the first game. Trubisky needs to capitalize more on opportunities that running the ball opens up. Now go get them boys some water

    edd Reply

    Damien Gonzalez pass more? you know nothing about football

    EyeCyou Reply

    @Bored Murse I like Trubisky but the way he’s playing they should put two or three running backs in without trubisky and just direct snap to one of them…LOL…!

Sauce Money Reply

Wtf kind of interview was that?

    Eric Mendoza Reply

    They’re avoiding the obvious questions on the team.. which I will also avoid now. Let’s win some games and go to the Superbowl and get our own Superbowl shuffle 2019/2020!!

    Sauce Money Reply

    Eric Mendoza I hope so man but I have so many concerns at this point.
    Hopefully Nagy can focus on coaching instead of loosing more weight. He looks like a damn twig rih now

YO Yoyo Reply

The man literally told you all he liked ice coffee last week & you get him hot coffee again lol? Unless those cups are props πŸ‘Œ

    brandon johnson Reply

    They are props, they have a partnership with Dunkin

John Barnes Reply

Bad QB bad ok offense line good RB great defense good kicker

    Eric Mendoza Reply

    Where did you learn to write?

    John Barnes Reply

    Sorry Lost my glasses but you know what I’m saying we are in not looking good on offense

    the truth Reply

    Are you a caveman?

    John Barnes Reply

    @the truth yes I’m

Sofia Alves Reply

If you are going to ask the fans to ask some questions for coach Nagy, at least pick more than one.

Alex Morris Reply

Please stop comparing mitch to jay. I dont like mitch rn but Jay was our worst qb ever far none. Oh boy he had GOOD STATS!!! Oh lord throwing well in garbage time will certainly do that. Atrocious ball management, terrible leadership(just ask brandon Marshall), refused to play in the NFC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME!!! Jay cutler is one of the most overrated horrible QBs I’ve ever seen as a bear. I doubt cutler homers actually watch games.

    SheffRudyTKE Reply

    Jay had a different offense of coordinators 6 different times and an oline that never protected him

    Gary Slomczynski Reply

    You forgot NO 10 Bobby Douglass big dumb hillbilly just like the one you got now!! History repeats itself again!! Stupid bears front office!!!!

    Alex Morris Reply

    @SheffRudyTKE that excuses him not caring?

    J P Reply

    Alex Morris
    In no way was Cutler our worst QB.

    Scott M Reply

    Worse than Kyle Orten or Rex Grossman?

Devinator23Bears Reply

Tarik the prankster

Pablo Moreno Reply

U got to b great I want to see greatness out of u nagy

CollinsK85 Reply


Mark Gable Reply

Coach is right. Those little “sweep the shed” things add up to big things. Those people deserve more credit in every aspect of society.

Cj German Reply


Max Fire Fantasy Report Reply

I feel bad for the redskins (not really) Bears got almost 2 weeks from last thursday to this monday to prepare

Scott Fisher Reply

Oh great! Coach is giving the millennials β€œparticipation” trophies! Coach, Figure out a way to score points with Stinkisky please

Alejo and Yanni Reply

Comon Bears!!! Let’s get it MONDAY!

Mason Belt Reply

Nag is a crackhead

Tom s Reply

Goldman has earned a few TONS of broom in his career. Totally unsung and definitely one of my favorite players. 91 is a grinder!!

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