Coffee with Coach: Week 2 Broncos – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Jimbo da Street minista

Sunday will reveal everything I need to know about you Nagy

    Patrick Benitez

    Jimbo da Street minista I believe

Ramon Rodriguez

Stop being one dimensional next time play your guys in the preseason so they can get a rhythm


    Ramon Rodriguez lol yeah they need to stop acting like Mitch has the franchise tag

Nicholas Pergolizzi

run the god damn ball like Oakland did and set up play action. Mitch is a very good play action QB , he is a terrible pocket passer. Dude is Jake Plummer not Peyton Manning. if you drop back 53 times again and let Von Miller and Bradley Chubb pin their ears back and rush Mitch then I guarantee another 5 sack game ,several picks, and atleast one sack strip fumble.

Jay Bird

Let go Bears!!!!

Crack Jizzlobber

Just remember your elite defence is made up of humans, not robots. Humans that need rest and to not be on the field the whole game. Get some first downs, run the ball, we don’t have to score 30, just hold the ball and let the defence take over the game because it’s obvious this offence has a long way to go before you can throw 50+ times a game

    Nicholas Lippolis

    Crack Jizzlobber in short, play like the Patriots haha


    Crack Jizzlobber Nagy needs to learn how to play ball control offense. A chat with Lovie Smith might help him.

    Gary Slomczynski

    @ElectricBears got rid of him with winning season!! Typical chicago!! Front office and owners fucked up!!

Alternative Reality

Iced coffee for days! Hey coach, try some cold brew or nitro. Amazing!

Rusty Shackleford

“good, everything is going great” Apparently he didn’t see our offense against Green Bay!!!


    Maybe he’s learned from it and is moving on perhaps you should do the same?

    Robert Preston

    He accepts losing and it shows. Typical bear

Derek Alanis

We need to see more Montgomery out there.. 🐻⬇️

fire lord azula

please run the mf ball and open up the pass game, give mitch a rhythm

Marciano Parafina

I love all the “just run the damn ball” comments. You better listen Nagy!!!

Ean Guieb

Should’ve asked him were you high when playing the calls? Jk go bears beat dem ponys

Vanilla Guerilla

Get Scott Orndoff for tight end

Alexander Moises

Coach will be fine …


Very important interesting game coming, Coach Nagy will Rally the Troops to Victory!!! 🐻⬇

Jt Williams

Yes, the Bears need a balanced attack, they abandoned the run in week one. But after a few three and outs, it’s hard to stay with it. But the Bears aren’t playing Aaron Rodgers in week two

Max Fire Fantasy Report

You gotta check the scouting report Lauren, iced coffee is in there!

Robert Preston

Lauren ask him some real questions like why year after year he says he will run the ball and NEVER does!

Joshua Phillips

You know what’s funny, overcorrecting the gameplan to run the ball more might be a bad strategy in this game. I’d say the run-game correction is that every time you run the ball, it should be with Montgomery with few exceptions. Carr took the top off that secondary with ease, and stayed clean the whole game with a far less talented O line. Keep letting Mitchell fling it this week, we’ll be fine.

Fantasy Football Counselor

What kinda general SHEEP DISCUSSION IS THIS? GET to the facts!? How much are we gonna see outta the best player MONTGOMERY!!!??

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