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Cody Ford | “We’ve Got Each Other’s Backs”

Bills offensive tackle Cody Ford addresses the media following practice. Topics include facing NFL defenders, splitting time with Ty Nsekhe and containing the Bengals defensive line. Inside the Locker Room presented by Gatorade.

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Nate Reply

Let’s get to 3-0 boys ! Let’s shock the world , the stampede is coming !

    Milk Steak Reply

    Although I like your enthusiasm,beating the Jets,Giants,and the Bengals will not shock the world,now if they somehow beat the Pat then and only then would that shock the country.

    Milk Steak Reply

    @Nate I’m not hating at all I’m just being realistic,I know the bills will beat Bengals easily n I’ve been through one of the tables buddy so it ain’t nothin new to me if ya land right it don’t even hurt

    Milk Steak Reply

    @Nate I’m not going to opener this year,I have my kids for the weekend

Davion Price Reply

Can’t wait for Sunday! Let’s prove we have arrived!!!! #billsmafia

    Steven J. Trump 2020 Reply

    I just watched some videos on the Bills Mafia… it appears they are complete Psychopaths and extremely dangerous to be around.

Joe Schmoe Reply

He’s still a little green,but,he is going to be really,really,good,for a long time.

    Alfred Jones Reply

    Joe Schmoe he’s a rookie he’ll get better overtime

    Joe Schmoe Reply

    @Alfred Jones Yea. That’s obvious. That’s the “green” part.

John Roberts Reply

Cody, you the man! Nobody touches your QB! Stick to your guns.

    Bill Perez Reply

    You are 100% correct John…..I saw how Cody pushed that defender off of Josh and thought “That’s what your suppose to do”, I don’t care that they flagged Cody, because he did the right thing….that’s what a team is suppose to do for one another….

Steven J. Trump 2020 Reply

It is good to know that the Bills are getting along. It is good to spend time with each other and get to know each other and become best friends! 4-0/2-0…

Stephen McAllister Reply

how does his hair and beard stay in his helmet! dudes a beast. love this team. LETS GO BUFFALO!!!

Mark Mckinney Reply

Let’s go Buffalo!

jerry millett Reply

Thanks BigMan, keep on keeping them away and outta the way! We’re blessed to have you.

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