Coach Tomlin on Week 5, upcoming Chargers game, Devlin Hodges | Mike Tomlin Show – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Coach Tomlin on Week 5, upcoming Chargers game, Devlin Hodges | Mike Tomlin Show

Join Missi Matthews & Bob Pompeani as they talk to Coach Tomlin about last week’s matchup vs. Baltimore, Sunday’s game vs. the Chargers, the advice he’s giving Devlin Hodges and more.

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Pavel Burdak Reply


Zechariah Barajas Reply

Get this win this Sunday Steelers 🖤💛

    secret agent Zachary of San Jose Boston Partsch Reply

    I’m predicting the final score tomorrow 48 to 17 Steelers we’ll see what happens

    secret agent Zachary of San Jose Boston Partsch Reply

    Also we got root for each team in the AFC North that they are going up against we’re going to root for The Bengals and the Seattle Seahawks to battle the Cleveland Browns and I’m not sure what happens if those teams will win all of them

Thomas White Reply

I still believe, but this is a must win!!!

secret agent Zachary of San Jose Boston Partsch Reply

What are the keys to stop Keenan Allen and Philip Riversbecause this is one of the rivals that Pittsburgh had over the past several years probably less than Oakland I’m not sure

Yaahboi52 Reply

let’s go steelers! time to get the chargers back for last year. devlin is gonna do great this game.

    Artemi panarin10 The goat Reply

    I hope so lol

Michael O'Malley Reply

Stop doing this show and coach.. You’ve become a stale line of catch phrases.. Tryin to get better, standard is the standard. Played get injured more under your control then anytime in the history of Stillers football!

    Jaquan Patterson Reply

    Michael O’Malley wat does him doing this show has to do with anything u sound dumb

    Matthew Mockabee Reply

    shut up bro—seriously annoying

    Michael O'Malley Reply

    @Jaquan Patterson time he could spend doing his job. He has fallen short for a decade. Just like Ben doin his show. Do your job and win games, or coach the Redskins!


Mike Tomlin is a Cheerleader Coach 📣📣

    Steeler Juju19 Reply

    I wanna see how he does in this game if we lose something needs to be done ASAP


    Steve Kosak If Bill Cowher was still Coaching the Steelers we will have a Few more SUPERBOWLS by now

Eskeetit Litty Reply

201 views.. I’d have to say the Nation must already have enough of “The Mike Tomlin Show”

Will Ferrell Reply

Mike Tomlins only preparation for the Chargers——–
-“Team gather around. This week we play the Ravens….wait that was last week. We play the Chargers.”

ThePlushKing Reply

I have your back Devlin. Lets go Steelers <3

Matthew Mockabee Reply

he said” yeah marcus allen”–“we were really limited in our subpackage personel”–hhahahahahhahahaha i’ll say lol

Steeler Juju19 Reply

We need to do this!
Run the ball!
Don’t play down!
Get to rivers!
Don’t get to comfortably!

Hugo González Reply


Shauna Bond Reply

Devlin Hodges is cool as a cucumber

John Revelation Reply

Yeahhh Coach!

Frank Herrera Reply

I no longer care what this fool has to say and I am sooo tired of his five and dime vocabulary. Can you just once stop your psuedo intellectual approach and sound like a damn coach!?

Liberal Rod Reply

Love the fun this team is having off the field, but let’s have it transpire on the field starting with the Chargers

Philip Teague Reply


Zen Masta Reply

You should have asked him what advice he gave to Randy Fichtner. 1st play wildcat no gain, 2nd play 3 yard run, 3rd play 2 yard run, punt. Rinse and repeat, we’ll try to let the defense win the game for us..

Batgirl P Reply

The Redskins want Tomlin. If he goes, how many losing seasons will we have to endure? And he should go, rather than take all the abuse he gets in Pittsburgh.

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