Coach Tomlin on Mason Rudolph, Minkah Fitzpatrick, Week 3 @ SF | Mike Tomlin Show – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Rob Wood Reply

Mason should have had 14 completed passes out of 19 but monconcretehands and grimdroptheball was doing what they do best that game.

    sactown steelers Reply

    What about the 2 point conversion after the td was that moncriefs fault too? The scrub couldn’t even tie the game that short td pass was lucky. I hope niners break his leg

    joey rebar Reply

    Rob Wood To be fair to Moncreif he does have a broken finger

Beef Salsa Reply

He’ s building for the future. The teams looking good. Just need to get a lot of the rookies adjusted.

Beama Reply

shoulda asked him why butler still has a job

    Chuck Kelly Reply

    Or Randy Fitchner. Should have left in Feb. They past on Malarky an Kevin Green. They past on Green twice. BAD IDEA.

    Chuck Kelly Reply

    They unloaded Artie Burns an HARGRAVE . I was disappointed about Burns not workin out. I had high hopes for him. The Steelers waste Talent. They seldomed used Hey-Bey, at 6’5. They could have tried putting Burns in at WR at the same size. But AB was on the field An wanted the Ball.

    Chuck Kelly Reply

    Mike they are 2—0….. YOUR. 0—-2.

    Zen Masta Reply

    Tomlin and the Steelers won’t listen to us fans until they have millions of people on social media all discussing Keith Butler. Only then will it be brought up internally.

    Chuck Kelly Reply

    After LaBeau left. I saw a chance for a fresh new Defense. But I think he was using LaBeau’s play book.
    Went to a soft Zone Defense. An they got Owened by opposing teams. Butlers Zone Defense was a joke. They bring in good players to the same Failed system. Nothing Chaanged.
    That’s how. They both got the Jobs they have. SORRY. I don’t see. 2—0. Vs. 0—2 as a win Factor.

John Saberhagen Reply

17:25 Oklahoma State Sooners? Lol. It’s Cowboys.

    Marcus Young Reply

    I said wow myself.

Antonio Ortiz Reply

Good idea with the mike tomlin show im subscribed

drl15son Reply

Mason starts off like Big Ben and Terry in first start.


    I think both hurt elbows against Seattle also…

    Bill Kline Reply

    Maddox was against Tennessee


    @Bill Kline oops i ment ben and terry

Robert Curry Reply

Hi Missy….at first you said that Mason Rudolph majored in Communications at the ()University of) Oklahoma Sooners? Did you mean Oklahoma State (University )Cowboys?

David Schmidt Reply

Sometimes its hard to let go of the past but maybe Ben’s time is up. QB’s rarely get to choose how they exit and I hope Ben doesn’t get forced out or leave on bad terms. Although I honestly think Mason could be the future of this team because he’s a tremendous talent and that’s what we need right now.

Kurt Hartz Reply

Oklahoma state sooners??? Um that’s wrong Missi??? Lol we know what you meant. I have faith in this fiery young man but ultimately it is going to take a team effort and every player will have to rally behind him also I don’t think it would hurt to see Jaylen Samuels start at running back to give Connors a break and fully heal, and it wouldn’t hurt to see if and how the offense looks with him as the starter because he seems to be a legitimate threat catching passes out of the back field as long as his blocking is responsible I think that is another position ultimately up for grabs being that James Connor cant stay healthy it’s just one injury after another with him and it’s a shame because there is definitely some talent there. That being said I think Tomlin has to go with who has had more of an impact positionally. And hopefully Minka can help this defense get its confidence back. Let’s go Steelers!!!

    John Sciarrino Reply

    Blonde with nice tits

cerberus65 Reply


Marathon Mogul_ Reply

Mason could be that guy I’m just saying 🤷‍♂️💪

    LoyaltyOvaLove 20 Reply

    Marathon Mogul_ He Is The Guy Sit Back N Enjoy

    Lunar Nature Reply

    A maga bigot?

Jabar Staples Reply

Fire keith butler before mike tomlin 💯

Crazy Horse Reply

Mason, your number has been called! Lead us to Superbowl #7, and shut up the haters!

Omar Barragan Reply

i am a niner fan but gotta respect mike tho and the steelers. Make the best team win tomorrow

    Leeedy 1 Reply


    Kanye Yeast Infection Reply

    It’s in 5 hours

    Sno Man Reply

    Going to be good game

D4rk50ul-v2 Reply

Prayers for Ben to recover, even i f his football career is over. Excited to see Mason step up, watching him here in Stillwater I was shocked he didn’t go first round. Let this be the beginning of a new Era.

OMGiTzAlpha Reply

Didnt know Mason played for the Sooners, i also didnt know the 49rs were in the AFC West

Ross Mackey Reply

Goodluck Coach T

Zen Masta Reply

The good news is if our defense continues to stink it up after acquiring Minkah it “should” be clear to Tomlin that Keith Butler’s gotta go.

ThaRealest616 Reply

We need a win this week… 0-3 will be hard to bounce back from

Rotten Sircus Reply

Mason will be just fine if his effen WR’s catch the ball “Moncrief” !!! ( Mason Rudolph ~ The Redzone Reindeer ) #YeahBaby #SteelersNation4Life

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