Coach Reid: “You have to stay positive and work to get better” | Press Conference 8/4 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Bill Brummer




Karla O'Gorman

Iam the second person

    Thomas Mack

    You could be a robot


    Thomas Mack or he could have good reaction time

Amari Cooper

This is awesome

    John Wiggins

    Is it Mr fortnite bandwagon lol

Jakson Vermilyea

You are the best nfl team GO CHIEFS


    @Skaoaooakkzkk Snowpack why? You hate watching your team be successful? That’s what happens to successful teams. Otherwise go be a jets fan.

    Skaoaooakkzkk Snowpack

    AK1919 bandwagons are annoying


    @Skaoaooakkzkk Snowpack Kay well grow up. The chiefs are the best team in football and people outside kc are starting to appreciate. Maybe instead of rooting against your own teams Fandom you encourage other people to enjoy the team you also enjoy. Or like I said go be a jets fan.

    Skaoaooakkzkk Snowpack

    AK1919 bandwagoning isn’t fandom, it’s bandwagoning


    John Wiggins lol same

Merre Keste

Best Coach team in the NFL lettzzz break records and make history on and on baby. My Team KC love From Sweden. SB Ringzzz Stay Healthy and Ready.


Do these have to be monitized with so many commercials?



Russel Fujii

2 baseball teams are the issue in the league. If NFL teams take this seriously, this should work out well.

Russel Fujii

Last year’s team was the Super Bowl Championship. This year’s team hasn’t won anything yet. That should be motivation enough.

Sharkboy 200

Chiefs Kingdom all the way and Chiefs Kingdom for life!!!

Scrypt Skynet

I’m surprised that The NFL doesn’t make Custum shields on the helmets


all silly questions. especially from the female interviewer. not to sound sexist or anything. They seem to always ask the most non informative type questions.

    Maurício Arcanjo

    Sometimes there is nothing to ask… What would you ask if you were there?

Chiefs Hotline

Let’s roll

Angelo Marks

I know we’re going back to the super bowl I put 500 bet that we will go and win if they do I get 10,500 LETS GO CHIEFS #RUNITBACK

T1 Phnx

CEH 1k season incoming!!

Jarrad James

exactly right gotta be positive just like trump!!!

Devon Reaws


Jeff Cotton

Looks like Andy is losing some weight! Good for him!


F Clyde!! Wasted pick

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