Coach Pat Shurmur illustrates a KEY moment from Giants’ big win over the Buccaneers – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
VCJ 27

That’s my head coach ✊


    Yes and that’s my DJ. Nah mean?!!!

Emmanuel Ogunyemi

Love my giants man ❤️

MTM Lucky

Coach of the year??!!!!

    MTM Lucky

    Osrsmaster1267 Joseph why are you here we don’t want any crappy saints fans here so bye


    Cause the Bucs kicker is horrible means the Giants get coach of the year? Lololololololol gtfo

    MTM Lucky

    Zyptic you must be a pats fan🤮🤮🤮


    @MTM Lucky ewww no

    Alchemica Blackwood

    Draft Pick Of The Year!!

Bamz Santana

Great coaching coach !!!!

Kev Uchiha

Xman is gonna be great for us.

Stephen B

Duke is about to take over NYC! First DJ then RJ! #GTHC

    karan singh

    RJ Barrett for the knicks

    David Riedy

    @karan singh oh ok now I get it haha. Thanks


    David Riedy RJ McIntosh duh

    David Riedy

    @MaxXx24 he went to Miami


I could watch this kind of stuff for hours, I like picking the mind of head coaches, especially NFL coaches and their football IQ, its very interesting to see the little things that go in to a play and how it’s designed

    Alchemica Blackwood

    Redskins scouts are watching too.


You could tell Pat is excited about the potential this offense has now

    Hdhshs Usuahs

    What turn me off was when the defense coordinator said he’s not running his real plays with this young defense yet

    Luke Skywalker

    So true. What a difference when have good young qb


    Rick Nash you really think belichick would leave the patriots to come back to the giants?

    Luke Skywalker

    MattyIceyyy not a chance!

    Luke Skywalker

    MattyIceyyy i hope he s joking. Never happening.

Bill Tierney

The interception was on Jameis. It was not because of the Gints. Jameis can throw, but he also makes boneheaded throws like this.

    Alchemica Blackwood

    The coach explained that this type of pickoff, while in a zone defense, usually comes from an errant throw. However, you still have to put yourself in the right position as a linebacker to make the play.

Johndoe Rodriguez

Please help janoris more give him some safety help , he’s not a bad player but all game one on ones come on man this is the NFL now he needs to lock in to the point where he knows someone’s gonna be there in case he gets beat. Team sport & he wasn’t wrong for calling out pass rush cause they responded vs bucs


Can’t be giving up 30 while scoring 31 every game. Defense gotta do something

    Daniel Camilo

    they only allowed 3 points in the second half

    Alchemica Blackwood

    @Derrick Jones I agree that a 1st round pick was wasted on Saquon, but it was certainly not wasted on DJ!

    Derrick Jones

    Alchemica Blackwood I don’t think either one of them were a waste but when you use all of your high picks on offense the last 2-3 years, it’s hard to be good on defense. Lol just gotta be patient.

    Alchemica Blackwood

    @Derrick Jones
    Saquon was a waste in that a team should NEVER take a running back with a high first-round pick. So-called ”star” running backs are the most overrated, overhyped players in the NFL! Now that they have him the Giants would be crazy to extend his contract to 15+ million, which is exactly what he’s going to ask for. The Rams made a huge mistake in signing Gurly to 15 mil.

Rick Nash

Great job coach, also pretty good job by oline there

Anthony Furumura

Dude won 1 game.

    Juan Serrano

    Anthony Furumura are that buc fan who’s salty?

    Alchemica Blackwood

    The excitement is not about the Giants winning one game. The excitement is about finding a top-level QB replacement for Eli!

Captain Nav

He wins one game and he is now on TV showing off his coaching. LOL. I mean I am happy the team won but let’s take it easy

    Alchemica Blackwood

    Doesn’t he have a segment every week? Besides, I’m sure that they asked him to demonstrate the play.


This man has the worst strategy ever.

    Alchemica Blackwood

    It worked with Daniel Jones! Eli limited the coach’s options.


What everyone is not saying in this video: ‘w/out Eli in there, we have a whole lot more options to run’ .. 🙂


    They should trade Daniel Jones while his value is high


The young ones of the GMen are playing well. On that INT, rookie LB Ximines and Golden (seems like a good pick up of a guy who was injured) got pressure. They seem to be a good duo on the edge. Rookies LB Connelly, CB Baker (great play after a couple of bad games), DT Lawrence (1st sack), WR Slayton and of course QB Jones. Shout to to S Peppers. I see him taking a leadership role on this team. 🏈💯🔥✌


Jones kept them in the game …bad luck for the bucs is why Giants win. Awful defense and bad play calling on offense is why they are 1 -2

    ThatOneGuy 123

    Bennybotz you’re stupid


    @ThatOneGuy 123 ur mom doesn’t think so

    ThatOneGuy 123

    Bennybotz I’ll call her up and let you know


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    she apologized to me for u being a moron and says ur adopted …sorry u gotta find out like this

JeBron Lames

“we’re not a team that should take anybody lightly”

    Alchemica Blackwood

    You should trademark that slogan and sue the coach the next time he uses it! It worked with Taco Tuesday, so go for it!

Khang Le

i could now see why tae davis dropped out of starting position so quickly. Holy cow man what were you doing on that interception play? Replaying the season 8 of GOT?

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