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Artemi panarin10 The goat

I feel mike tomlin anyone agree.

    Johnny Pastrana

    Yeah, Tomlin is trying his best…this was a very tough loss and I feel bad for the whole team as they played their hearts out.

    Woody Hayes

    You “Feel Mike Tomlin”? WTF, language is that?

Blurred Culture

Knock on wood if you’re tired of tipping our caps 🧢…. 🤦🏻‍♂️

    Hiii Power

    Blurred Culture 😂


    and if your tired of fumbles when we are about to win the game

    George Washington

    Amen on that comment👍

    Sarah Sundstrom

    Even I’m getting sick of the guy


    I don’t or wouldn’t tip my cap to the Ravens no matter what! And when talk about opposing player’s resumes I can careless about what they done! Like admitting one may be better then you? Jackson who? Focus on our resumes! And I don’t care who they got on that 53 man roster the attitude should be they not better then us! and yep if we lose they still not better then us they just had a better game

Joshua Lawson

nope! I’m still not giving up on my Steelers! Boys.. move it!!! We got this c’mon!!!

    Steve Miller

    Joshua Lawson no we don’t got this , you are delusionally optimistic I hope you’re right but it doesn’t look good

    Brenda Einloth

    I’m with you, never ever EVER give up. #PS4L

    Ryan Maliek

    Joshua Lawson There’s still a chance, but realistically, 8-8 is probably the best we can hope for. Same thing happened in Cowher’s last year. They were 2-6 at the midway point but went 6-2 in the last 8 games to finish 8-8.


    All over ! Enjoy!

    ugg jr

    Yall done fam give it up 💩💩💩


Seasons still NOT over. Keep playing hard and we’ll find ourselves in the mix come week 17 I promise. Other than getting blown out by the Patriots, we could’ve easily been 4-1 right now. #HEREWEGO

    Woody Hayes

    With Tomlin season is over, Fire him bring in nearly anybody else and this team can run the table.

    kaseem abdullah

    @Bailey M You are a shapeshifting maggot who I have thoroughly destroyed and exposed. You rebut is basically “I know you are but what am I.” Typical scumbaggery. Your fake strawman arguments were defeated. It wasnt a cheap shot. Relax freckles.

    kaseem abdullah

    @Bailey M “Penalties should never be judged by the result of the foul……”
    Show me with a quote where I argued that they should be. You are a depraved sociopathic liar. You simply cant stop. Typical.

    Paul Kersey

    How long have you suffered from DELUSIONS?

Steve Spears

Tired of this defering Hodges played great i would had love to see him start the overtime;!!

    Henry Lau

    Tomlin explained it in the video. Justin Tucker is one of the best kickers in the league and every time they would kick off to us we’d get pinned between the 1yd line and the 10 yd line. We wouldn’t be able to get good starting field position if they kicked off and with a 3rd string QB you can’t take that chance to get him to drive us down 90+ yards in overtime. Tomlin put trust in our defense because he had faith they would get a stop and it worked. The plan almost worked perfectly if it wasn’t for Juju’s fumble which wasn’t entirely his fault. Instead of us being forced to get a touchdown at the start of overtime for the win, we got a defensive stop and good starting field position due to a punt in a scenario where a field goal would win it.

    Steve Spears

    @Henry Lau don’t make any difference anything could have happened Hodges was killing them all they need was a field goal but i think a td was coming;Pittsburgh defense couldn’t stop until red zone same old same old thing;

    Stan Clarkson

    I’m a Ravens fan hate the Steelers but Hodges played great

T Money

Love juju.. But u can’t keep fumbling in big moments

    Ryan Maliek

    T Money True, but Connor coughed it up in San Fran, costing us that one.

    Ryan Maliek

    Eskeetit Litty With Hodges, that was a literal rookie mistake. Juju and Connor have both lost fumbles that cost is games this year.

    Liu Kang Kixx

    Roger White maybe but he’s fumbled I’n games that cost y’all from advancing n must win big games. That’s what he do

    Melenated Magic


    Jamie Kmett

    @Eskeetit Litty except for Cam Newton staring at the ball on the ground in the SUPER BOWL!!

Zen Masta

I’m still encouraged and supporting this team 100%. Everybody in the national sports media said we would get destroyed by the Ravens and in fact we took them into OT with a 3rd string rookie QB! Our defense was good we just have to clean up all the mistakes, it’s far from over. I have no fear of anyone in our division its still wide open if we can get into a flow/rhythm on both sides of the ball.

    Zechariah Barajas

    Zen Masta matter of fact he was our 4th option just a few weeks ago and did great today. 🙏🏽🙏🏽 hope mason gets better thiugh

    Travis Stoudt

    Face it ur not going anywhere with Tomlin

    Kanye Yeast Infection

    Travis Stoudt he has a super bowl we just need a good draft tbh

Jeremy Hinton

I love my man JUJU but man you gotta hold on to that ball man, the little things can ALWAYS be the the difference in a game

    Patrick Stanton

    Jeremy Hinton he tucked it, did all he could. Ravens made a great play that can’t be denied. We shouldn’t have even been in OT

antonie jackson

These questions that the media asks.. smh

FourOne Two

Three of the four Ls came down to one turnover basically. Team could easily be 4-1 even with all the craziness. Shame Fintcher finally seemed to realize Rudolph was a competent QB then he gets his brain broken.

Oh well keep building the D. Maybe you get lucky this year but team needs to become D first for years to come anyhow.

    Travis Stoudt

    Perla Aguilar 4 of ur 6 SBs came way back in the 70s years before I was even born I wasn’t born till 95 and ur last SB came the year Brady tore his ACL in the opening game that is getting old now

    Perla Aguilar

    @Matthew Taylor past or present. We still got 6 super bowls. How many teams can say that. Lmk. All you need is one one hand to count.

    Perla Aguilar

    @ugg jr I bet your team wishes they had 6 super bowls. If we don’t make it this yr oh well. Always next yr. But tell me how many teams. Can say they got six super bowls. Lmk. Past or present they still count.

    Perla Aguilar

    @Travis Stoudt what does it matter. Now answer me this. How many teams can say they got six super bowls. Lmk.


Gotta fight til the end!!! LETS GO STEELERS!!!!!!

    Travis Stoudt

    Just face it it’s over with Tomlin ur going nowhere


Mike T answering these question absolutely pissed lmao listen to that attitude

    Zechariah Barajas

    These interviews normally 15-20 minutes but not this time lmao. No one wanted to ask they’re questions 💀.

    Batgirl P

    Not as pissed as I am.

    king zulu 13

    He should be pissed, two games given away. Plus they got rid of Dobbs who is damn sure better than the two we got. Don’t plan on any W’s coming any time soon.

    Ryan Shank

    king zulu 13 that’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. Rudolph was playing great. When Hodges came in he played great too. Had an unfortunate ending but you can’t act like Dobbs would’ve done better

    Gary Terrell

    Yes indeed and I can’t blame him after watching the refs give the Ravens a 15-yard penalty that didn’t exist and JuJu allowing the ball to be punched from his grasp which wasn’t his fault that was an excellent excellent All Pro adjustment by Humphries

It’sTizzle MyNizzle

Always Steelers fan not giving up on them

    ugg jr

    Its a wrap fam…. Yall 1/4

    Perla Aguilar

    @ugg jr gotta love the Steeler haters.. 😂 😂

    Travis Stoudt

    1-4 with Tomlin delusional steelers fan

    Perla Aguilar

    @Travis Stoudt who’s your delusional team?

jutt 82

As Tomlin would say ” uneceptable!”

Linkz GP

Steeler Fan: can you win the Super Bowl without a Bill Cowher defense?

Mike Tomlin: I don’t deal with things of that nature

    Jake Sneed

    Your comment shows your stupidity about Professional football. Anyone still talking about Cowher three months after he resigned is stupid.

corey holliday

Results aside that was some damn good football

Lauren Land

I have a feeling everyone got a whipping he looks like a pissed off Father


He has crazy eyes

Jock James

Tomlin is starting to get pissed about this season. The Steelers have been good enough on defense to win but shoot themselves in the foot at key moments. The Steelers have a solid mix of good and dumb players

London Jefferson

“Ask somebody who’s in charge of that I don’t drive carts and things of that nature” 😂😂😂

    Tyrone Alexander

    Bro that killed me

    Tyrone Alexander

    Bro that killed me

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