Coach McDermott Postgame Speech | “A Lot Of Heart in This Room” – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
FF noob pumpington

Time to face the pats
Both teams 3-0

Derek Puleo




Buffalo Fan716

1st half was good! Just please don’t play like you did in the 2nd half against the Patriots

Joshgames 1720

Good teams find a way to win

Jemel Moore

I mean nobody circles the wagons like the Buffalo Bills

Timothy Sherry

Let’s go buffalo 💪💯💪💪💪💪💪💪✊✊


Listen to Zo.


Go Bills!!! Great job guys!!!

Trinidad Rangel

Little loose with ther ball today. We can’t do that with the patriots. This will be our test. #Billsmafia Go BILLS!

UFO 51


    John Doe

    We need long scoring drives to keep Brady on the bench. Let’s give Brady a week off on the bench.

jason w

Big game next week. Get it BillsMafia!

James Jacobsen

adversity, builds resolve and determination

e 45

We win this I call we win a division f*** a wildcard

Bill Perez

I love you guys but i gotta tell you I’m an old man and my heart is not as strong as it use to be….Get some rest and then come back and beat the you know what out of you know who…..
All of you guys did great…. Knox you the man that was a great play, stiff arm and head- but….I love it…..Josh as long as no one tries to take out your knees you are going to be one hard man to deal with…..GO BILLS !!!!!

Kevin Theel

Let’s play a complete game next week. Put in 60 strong minutes and you’ll be tough to beat.

Nomo Screen

I think Edlebum is hurt for the Patriots

Michael Necci

anyone notice that the locker room clock is one hour behind?

george orlando

Arguably the best coaching staff that has been assembled in BB history. this team will continue to improve as the season moves on. Even if it takes 10 or so weeks to peak, great job in the front office building this squad full of fine young men team players, not showboats. now with that being said don’t get out coached by NE let’s be in the game to win! God bless those BUFFALO BILLS 👍🏼

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