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Ryan Damon


Brylight 36

Let’s get this Dub. Wanna see improvements. #BeRedSeeRed

    Larry Legend is a GOAT

    It would mean everything if Murray’s first career win was against the Seahawks

    Brylight 36

    @Larry Legend is a GOAT Very true. But we need a win ourselves pretty bad.


    Brylight 36 That would be nice to win.

Luis jr Madera

It going to be a win

Brad P

Bring back that fire!! and Let it fly kyler! Let’s Go!!

Zethan 1145

Cards fan here is my vision. Once Pat Pete and Alford come back we will become one of the best. We will be like the Colts where they started like 1-6 then won the rest of there games. After our CBs come back we will be compared how we were the first 6 games and the games afterwards. Also I think we should trade for Ramsey. Give the Jags Brock, this years 1st, 4th, 7th and next years 2nd. Do u guys think that’ll be a good trade?

    Luis Santillanes

    @Zethan 1145 I am against trading for Ramsey because I don’t feel like he is a good fit overall. I could be wrong, just some guy on the internet. Would it be awesome, absolutely! Would that be the best secondary in the league, man I would hope so lol Then again that should be the case once we get our starting CBs back though

    With the picks that you have given I feel like the opportunity cost is too high as we have a lot of positional needs and I feel like where we will be drafting next year, we may miss out on good players in positions that we need. I can see us looking for a starter with a 2nd round pick. I’m okay with trading 4th and 6th round picks for mid-tier reliable talent, but not the 2nd round

    Zethan 1145

    Luis Santillanes How bout this Brock, David Johnson, 5th, 7th, and next years 3rd for Ramsey and Fourtnette

    Luis Santillanes

    @Zethan 1145 Brock should be a good slot CB, DJ has way higher of an upside in this system compared to Fournette. Again too many draft picks and bringing in too many potentially toxic personalities

    57deuceGaming !!

    Idk if you saw zetham but Alford was not very good last year. I imagine after this injury he still won’t be good. Not until fully healed atleast.

    57deuceGaming !!

    @Luis Santillanes yeah Ramsey isnt the ideal DNA Cardinals look for. He is trouble, he is loud, and a diva. That’s not our culture

Murr Plays

Always improving, we’re a young bunch with crazy potential

Adam Davis

Really like the team the coach and these players-win, loose or draw. Just crush those other teams, only a matter of confidence and execution, they have all the talent in the world.

Austin Beigel

Love these! Let’s go! Rise up Red Sea!

Fred Castro

I’m not expecting playoffs but dang can we at least win some games


Were calling bad defnsive plays we need to double cover the tied end had put our DBs a little back so if the other wide recivers go deep the wont get a head start can we please to that

Dusten Blowers

Kliff looks like he hates Paul 😂

DragonBall Fan 420

Justin Herbert with the 1st overall pick. Trade Murray for another 1st rounder spend that pick and our 2nd and 3rd rounders on O line. Next year we might be good.

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