Coach Kingsbury Breaks Down the Tape vs Lions, Previews Ravens | Arizona Cardinals Game Plan – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Alexander Baker

We can not half step! Kingsbury have to step up with play calling from jump

    James FromAZ

    Alexander Baker just a play at a time

    Winston Wood

    He’s learning on the Job just like Kyler it’s going to take awhile but for their first game I was impressed

Alexander Baker

He just 🤥 lied kyler already said that wasn’t the read he called.. exact words was “ I wasn’t suppose to throw it to dj


    He DJ is not 1st option on that play.

Francisco Garcia

Its westside all day firme homies go birdgang vatos

Elias Hernandez

Ask Kliff where he got those kicks. I need a pair of those.

    57deuceGaming !!

    Air max 1 university red

Javie Susano

Jordan Hicks a Mfkn Baller !!!

James FromAZ

Gotta start out strong and finish!!!


Hicks is a monster !

Miguel Trevizo

Can anyone name kliffs shoes for me?


    I think there the Air max 1 “university red”

    Miguel Trevizo

    okk thanks bro!


They have to score early & often, in Bmore
I say stack the box & see if he can duplicate last week.
I’m sure our secondary is better than Miami

Alex Bourgeault

Calling it right now. Beating the ravens isnt even what I’d call a long shot

    Larry Legend is a GOAT

    Hopefully the cardinals make me eat my words but prepare to be disappointed if you think we can win. I think it’ll be closer than most people think, but you know we always have a hard time in those 10 am games

Brodha Sattva

“Did you see Kyler background in baseball in his debut?”
You hacks are boring with this same question over and over. The answer is irrelevant and who cares.

    Daniel Corral

    Would you relax, it’s a talk show by a football club. It’s hard not to mention baseball when your QB was selected 1st overall in the NFL draft and in the first round of the MLB.

Tha 2K Prodigy

Feed the Rumble


Hicks is a beast. The d will get better. This is a a budding top 5 defense right here.

    Ares 1


Ima Infidel

The Bidwells are awesome, AZ is lucky to have great owners.

CourtKing B C S

19k subs and only 22 comments where the Red Sea at gotta represent mann


30 seconds in and K2 is already looking at his watch! LOL

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