Coach Kingsbury Breaks Down the Tape vs Bengals, Previews Falcons | Arizona Cardinals Game Plan – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Jacob Chagolla Reply

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Jack Dennis Reply


Jack Dennis Reply


JR Lagasca Reply

This is his rookie year, he needs to let go and just go more on 4th down at the goal. Nothing to lose

    Stavo AZ Reply

    Really? 🤯😅 if you know football and are not an average fan then you should know he has been doing the right thing so far besides his redzone playcalling.

    josh espedahl Reply

    @Stavo AZ honestly. And even then with all the field goals scoring those field goals kept us in the games like lions and agaisnt the ravens


Watch kingsbury end up being the az cardinals franchise coach for years to come calling it now

    Ima Infidel Reply

    I hope so.

The AZ sports fan! Reply

We got this Cards!!! RiseUpRedSea!

    WeedNugs Weekly Reply

    A win changes the momentum with Peterson coming back

    The AZ sports fan! Reply

    WeedNugs Weekly For Sure!! Completely agree!!

Marlon Williams Reply

If we had Pat p we would be 3-2 rn

Murr Plays Reply


Ima Infidel Reply

The King has spoken

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