Coach Kingsbury breaks down the defense and previews the Panthers | Arizona Cardinals Game Plan – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Darryl Wilson Reply

We gotta get this win! Hopefully the red zone has improved a bit

Jacob Robles Reply

Wow what a play design at 4:05. We need a win tomorrow!

Chris Burke Reply

larry !
Larry !!


    Larry Legend is a GOAT Reply

    I have a feeling the red sea will be chanting that tomorrow


When are they going to start Andy Isabella

    DobbyTheDachshund Reply

    He needs a little learning to do

    Ryan Weiss Reply

    Hes not going to be even active on game days. Next year will be his year to come out and play

    J Mac Reply

    When are they going to start Michael Crabtree?
    ****sarcasm ****

    Larry Legend is a GOAT Reply

    When one of our starting receivers get hurt

    Daniel Barnett Reply

    SNEAKY PHANTOM k he’s injured

Camron Toney Reply

Kyler needs to learn to pump fake since D-lineman know to jump when he passes, once he plays smart football at the line things will get better

Kripled_ Kidd Reply

I think we got this

    J Mac Reply

    No Cam,no problem

Özgür Bircan Reply

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57deuceGaming !! Reply

Wolf’s hair looks like a kid on his first day of school. Terrible flat top lpl

TheAC87 Reply

David Johnson has to get more carries especially in the red zone

    J Mac Reply

    Yep,no matter how fancy your offense is,you gotta run da ball!

Martin Peralta Reply

If my cardinals don’t win this game with Carolina we are essentially out the playoffs especially with the schedule getting much tougher

    Larry Legend is a GOAT Reply

    @Jj you dont think we’ll even beat SF once? And we usually split with Seattle

    Good Goyim Reply

    Jj Nah San Fran will get swept again

    AZCARDSNRD11/Noah Reply

    Larry Legend is a GOAT San Fran is not even that good. They played two bad teams the first two weeks the Cardinals should sweep them again.

    Manuel Loya Reply

    @AZCARDSNRD11/Noah Garropolo overrated but their D is great. The D line will probably eat up our O line. Leaving no room for DJ to run and forcing pressure on Kyler. Only hope against San Fran is our D. I’ll feel more comfortable when Pat Pat Pete is back

    AZCARDSNRD11/Noah Reply

    Manuel Loya Pat Pete should come back by the time we face San Fran.

Ryan Berry Reply

Hope red zone is good go Cardinals let’s get this win we need it

Birdgang AZ Reply

David Johnson needs to have a good game or I thinks it’s time to bench him for Chase Edmonds

    Jj Reply

    DJ is not the issue; it is the coach. He is pass first and from the very start stated so; now he is in trouble because the playbook lacks good blocking schemes required when running the ball. Running between tackles will not work against Carolina.

    Manuel Loya Reply

    DJ needs to run harder. He has been playing too cautious. I don’t know if he’s afraid if injury again but since getting paid he hasn’t been the same. We need 2015/2016 DJ back

James FromAZ Reply


James FromAZ Reply


Fred Castro Reply

I expect our defense to dominate

john newport Reply

Soooo, why don’t you run some of those 2pt conversion plays for a TD? You are 2/2 on those. Hmmmmm? The yardage isn’t much different, at least that’s how it looks on my TV.

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