Coach John Harbaugh Week 1 Press Conference | Baltimore Ravens – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Coach John Harbaugh Week 1 Press Conference | Baltimore Ravens

Baltimore Ravens Head Coach John Harbaugh met with the media as the team prepares for the regular-season opener against the Miami Dolphins.

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Djlenz 409 Reply

Best coach in football

    El - Amin Reply

    @The Vagina Slayer Lamar Jackson “gave” him another chance, but it is well deserved and there is NOBODY out there better for the Ravens!

    Swaggz52 Reply

    joe shipley I didn’t like it but bad play does warrant boos not uncommon at all…. least we didn’t boo at his retirement

    phh1 Reply

    joe shipley They werent booing Lamar, they were booing the play calling

    Sup Reply

    phh1 the fans behind the sideline were yelling for Flacco. That wouldn’t have done anything tho because the offensive line was falling apart

    Nightmare Kilo Reply

    @phh1 SOME were booing the play calling

Jorge Naranjo Reply


Sam Wyse Reply

The common raven (Corvus corax), also known as the northern raven, is a large all-black passerine bird. Found across the Northern Hemisphere, it is the most widely distributed of all corvids.

    I Said What I Said Reply

    Why do you spam this same comment in damn near every Ravens video ?

    Nut_nasty R Reply


Super Wye!th Reply


The Puppet Masters Reply

I love md some Harbs! Most underrated coach in football imo. Thank God they didn’t let him walk last year!

matrixphijr Reply

He sounds like he’s not getting enough sleep, lol. Not even Week 1 and he’s already irritated by having to answer questions. Gonna be a long season, Harbs. Get some rest.

    matrixphijr Reply

    phh1 True. That’s why I added the comment about Dixon, cause I didn’t feel that was stupid, yet Harbs acted like it was moronic.

    phh1 Reply

    matrixphijr yeah thats true, hes probably just really tired like you said and just wants the season to start, its probably his biggest yet since the one after super bowl

    Sup Reply

    At least he wasn’t like Belichick. All he does is say we’re on to Cincinnati

Merkaba Reply


Swaggz52 Reply

I need one of those shirts

Frank Andrews Reply

“What do you do until 4? Lol

Davon Knight Reply

Damn my boy Dixon#30 is out the door….G.O.O.D luck my friend….But this season going to be crazy (Ravens4life) 💯💯💯💪😏

Darth Ryu_ZX6 Reply

Harbs is awesome

Peter Earl Reply

That’s my dude we going to show the world with my Florida boys truth me mark my word going for 561 T av north end Lincoln court baby

The New Gandhi Reply

Hell yea I like the hostility.

Billy Ramirez Reply

I love the way this man talks. Assertive and tough but still nice underneath

Miss Carter Reply

Very direct – I love it! He is tired of people talking bad about his team.

Arvin Castro Reply

Remember when there was some doubt that Harbs wouldn’t re-sign with us because the contract negotiations weren’t happening fast enough & the two sides were thought to be so far apart? Almost every pundit/reporter from NFL Network, ESPN, etc. were saying that there were at least 20 teams that would snap him up in a heartbeat. Harbs is a terrific communicator, organizer & leader. I second the notion that he’s done as much as he could with what he’s been given…he could have complained about not having a true No. 1 receiver (ever), of being constantly given older, cheaper free agents, of always operating in salary cap jail, etc. No, instead he wins consistently & he never throws any of his players, coaches & the organization under the bus. He’s straightforward & is always with the team. He’s not a glamorous choice in terms of what the national press & public see, but to those insiders in the NFL, he’s hugely respected & valued. We are fortunate to have him & the stability he’s brung to our team.

mrhyde2484 Reply

I remember when Jason Garrett came to interview for the HC position. I know he was only doing it for leverage with the Cowboys, but I’m so glad we got Harbaugh over Garrett. Harbaugh is a real coach, respected by his players, not just a yes man who drops Fbombs every other word, thinking he ‘ll get respect that way.


Go harbs!!!! Sorry we doubted u bro💯🙏 Joe is amazing but never fit the scheme in bmore. I think we will see how in December 4 some scary reason but Lamar should handle


If u haven’t got on the bus… Don’t sleep
Not only do we have the brightest young QB but the talent around hims undeniable💯
Rookie rb


Joe’s salary deflated us 4 years n now we ready. That’s y we look so fresh … 💰
Gotta watch Fitzpatrick cuz when he’s on… He plays like Joe did

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