Coach Gruden recaps Week 5 in London and discusses the health of the roster | Raiders – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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Rest Easy Al Davis!!
just win baby!!!

    sid rosenbloom

    Gruden is doing great so far! … but not sure why he has not been called on the carpet for his missing practice twice a month, (the 15th and 30th), as these are the dates he totes his gargantuan salary to the vaults. That is bad enough, but later in the season a game day falls on the 30th, and so far Gruden refuses to delegate the responsibility to an underling due to the grotesque amount. He IS negotiating for a special direct deposit possibility, but no question he would rather deposit the freakish amount himself. (we’ll see, so stay tuned! ………..)


Gruden been lifting


    NoNo I thought the same thing. This is the most cut I’ve seen Gruden maybe ever.

    Jack Giesea

    @martyc909 gotta be having Deuce on staff. He’s having his dad put in the work💪


Gruden is a good dude!!

Jerrad Garren

Coach definitely is losing weight. I saw him in Hawaii and he looked like he just came from a luau, about 4 years ago. Whatever he’s doing keep it up we got a great coach and person he signed an autograph for me the first time I met him. If the refs don’t erase our best plays of the game due to personal fouls on plays we got a sack and an interception on and a perfectly legal hit on Daniels, we could make the playoffs

    president camacho

    yelling at people and stressing out burns a lot of calories.

    Ya Nope

    Its prolly the stress lmao

    James Magnolia

    His son is a strength trainer and the other is a “pro fighter” maybe they kicked it in gear for him.

Josh Davidian

Teach Zay Jones some plays!

M Ray

R.I.P Mr Davis We riding for you sir……..RAIDER NATION STAND UP!

jay sauce

3 bears fans disliked this vid

A.S. James

Gruden is making an impact.
Seek and Destroy saying is coming Back from the 70’s .
Love the young men playing for us .
That badge is the best in Football.

Michael Vargas

If AB kept his mouth shut and just played.
Raiders would’ve been 5-0 and SUPER BOWL contenders.

Regardless im proud of this team


    Not 5-0 but possibly a better showing in Minnesota and against the chiefs. We have had lots of drops and poor routes run. Also Abrams was a huge loss given how bad joyner has been!

    channel surfer

    For God’s sake, get a life.

    Suraj Singh

    Losing AB and abraham right off the gate was a huggeeee hit. Abraham was was unfortunate…but AB was just stupid af…..wasted a lot of time and energy with him

    b Ollie

    @Suraj Singh your not a true fan it’s ABRAMS NOT ABRAHAM

    Suraj Singh

    @b Ollie you got me there

Kevin Taylor

Alex Ingold is a beast! Old school fullback with some of the new school. He’s a very underrated player on our offense.

    L.A. L.A.



    On the replay of Jacobs over the top TD, you can hear the block the fullback lays on

    S1L3NT 13

    Hes also way better than keith smith the FB we had last year

Pimp's Up HoEz DoWn

They should bring in Bo Jackson too speak to the team..two Alabama boys Josh Jacobs Alabama Bo Jackson Aurburn. Roll Tide ! War Eagle !

Rob Christian

Raiders played with a lot of heart and toughness in London


    Yes they did, I was very happy that they recovered from their mistakes

    Dan Perez

    They should play that way every week! Not just one game

Kevin Kaatz

Although not reflected in the stats, Carr having a great year – especially at going through his progressions

Mister Paradise


“a guy”


“a guy”

love you coach!

BigSaucy 95

RIP Al Davis, coach Gruden always been one of my favorite NFL personalities 🏈

    Jacob Souza

    Respect to you bro. Not too many chiefs fans show respect like you

    Scrilla Jay

    @Jacob Souza not at all. I live in kc and imma a huge Raider fan.

Reg Nash

He is a perfect coach I would want on my team. Smart and can motivate players. Also seems very reasonable and listens to players. Raiders in good hands.

Alejandro Muñoz

R.I.P Al Davis “Just Win Baby!”

Rolando Mota

Tom Cable is doing a good job with this line. Gotta give him props too.

channel surfer

I remember when the Raiders beat Bill Parcells’ Jets on the last play of the game where Gannon threw the winning TD with a broken wrist to Zack Crockett…I was there…that game was when I knew the Raiders turned a corner…and here, the Raiders with Gruden just did it again.

Ukeme Idiong

Split end and flanker come on gruden it’s 2019

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