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bill hawk

Crab can run those 3 yard routes for ya Gruden

    Timothy Crosby

    Crab is 104 years old why does everyone want a bunch of old men. This is not the movie “RED”. There is a reason the average age in the NFL if 27. and Lynch was not that good to begin with. Won’t see him in Canton. Stop making the Raiders a place for the unwanted, the has bins, the retirement home for the old.


    @Timothy Crosby it aint about age. its about what u can do for the team. woodson was damn near 40 and still the best player out there

    Jovany H

    Timothy Crosby age don’t matter. Go tell that to Larry Fitzgerald. 😂🤷🏻‍♂️


    Jovany H facts, I hate when people bring up that age crap in football. It’s all about abilities. Look at Steve Smith

    Sergio Galindo

    You’re high! Bill

King Savage

Crabtree too the raiders

    Loui Aguilar

    Got released

    Timothy Crosby

    Why do you want an old man who is beyond his years? Tired of old men who couldn’t make it on another team coming here.

    King Savage

    @Timothy Crosby he was beast when he play for us he was catching everything

    Timothy Crosby

    @King Savage He could barely play and was our best because we had no other RBs that mattered. As of now we still only have 1 RB and he is a rookie. This is a Gruden Problem. We are rebuilding and want a long lasting Dynasty like New England. We can not do it with old men. As for Carr, I agree he has no confidence in himself or his receivers. This is a coaching problem. As for our current receivers we have only 2 receivers worth anything with a 3rd possible future star if he gets playing time. Neilson, and Grant are trash thrown out by the teams that drafted them for better receivers. Why we want the trash of other teams to be starters is CRAZY! So as I see it we have Williams, Renfro, and Doss. That is our best we can offer. While every other Team at least has one true Primary Receiver we do not. AB and Gruden fucked us with their fiasco. Never should have traded for him. I feel for you Oakland Fans because you have not realized they do not care about this year. They are building for their Debut in Las Vegas and a Brand new Stadium. Carr will get 2 receivers in the draft and a couple linebackers for the D with 1 more CB as well in the next draft. My money is he will have a break out year that leads to the Super Bowl in Feb. 2021.

    Timothy Crosby

    @King Savage I thought you refereed to Lynch with the Beast comment! LMAO! I probably smoke too much herb! Crabtree is a problem for coaches do some research. Besides he can not stretch the field. Crab was at best a good slot receiver but not a 2nd or Primary. Isn’t he over 35 by now as well? I did not want Jerry Rice at 40 either and was a waste of time and money. This is a young man’s game and only a few ever play past 37. A players prime is around 25-30 for men genetically. This is why all sports are filled with young men not old men over 40. Just saying!!!

Allen Arroyo

Grudens funny, saying they did some good things lol. It was 21 to nothing in the first half what good things could you have been possibly doing

    Willi six

    @melekey hahahahaha……

    Willi six

    Ahhhhhh..well, not losing by 28?

    Timothy Crosby

    well the D kept the running back from gaining 250 yards! LMAO

    Jones Brian

    The good things is we didn’t go 28 to 0 that’s the good thing he talking about

    Desmond Harvey

    @GOlden St8 Sam Ehlinger

Ray Wright

Where’s Crabtree ? …. I would say bench Carr but bench him for who ?

    Malik Jones

    Nathan Peterman the Goat! 😂😂😂

    Nicholas Rosales

    Honestly I see Kizer could play like with a solid o-line he’ll be much better from browns to Green Bay not good

    Tyger King of kings

    What you mean for who? Anybody, that’s who. No QB in the NFL could possibly do a worse job than Carr. What’s the worst that can happen if we start somebody else other than Carr? Not win?

    Tyger King of kings

    @reignman2112 Bro, are you even watching the games? Because it doesn’t seem like it. You Carr fanboys are too ignorant and delusional.

    Tyger King of kings

    @reignman2112 So why does Kyler Murray still finds ways to score if his linemen are trash? Stop making excuses for Carr because you ain’t helping the issue jackass.

Mr Briggs

Hey Whitehead..Your sitting next week dude!

    CP3's Right Hamstring


    Mr Briggs

    @CP3’s Right Hamstring Gruden say’s who said that with a snarl. The reporter say’s Whitehead. Gruden looked

Chris Puth

Uhhh ohhh…Tahir….come here!!! Coach Gruden wants to talk with you 🤬🤬

Dane Bowen

Throw the ball down the damn field! Teams aren’t respecting the deep threat, and why should they?

    Malik Jones

    They don’t believe in that style of play even with Williams, Nelson, Doss, Grant, Ateman, Davis etc Waller the other downfield target Olsen is joke! coordinator

    Steven Willet

    @Malik Jones hard to do when your OL allows 4 sacks in one game

    DF Rellom

    @Malik Jones Bro!! You nailed it. Raiders need a real Offensive Coordinator

    DF Rellom

    @Steven Willet Nahh bro, they did allow 4 sacks, but overall they didnt play terrible. Once Raiders get behind, its like the offense goes flat, and forget how to play. And the play calling becomes predictable. Olsen/gruden playcalling is Lame in todays football.

    Steven Willet

    @DF Rellom We have Trent Brown banged up and our starting guard out so they couldnt keep a clean pocket, there is no way to go deep yet. When the OL gets healthy then I can see it. The play calling has been horrible, they either need to use a different protection to allow the plays to develop or something.

Phil McKoch

Put pressure on CARR

Eric Pangilinan

And the offense we dont have a number one wide reciever to need to start davis or doss

    Gains for Me

    Eric Pangilinan hell get Rico gafford in there too!


JOHN…LOOK AT A NEW OFFENSIVE PLAY BOOK!! The League has figured you out!!
The D…isnt performing as expected…bring in new Corners…ours are gettin BURNED ON THOSE LONG BALLS!!

    Buzz Killington

    AlphaOmegaStables Crabtree can’t even keep himself on one of the worst teams in the league with a coach who coached and played for the same college as he did. What makes you think anyone would want him? The dude is washed up lol


Indy is a -6.5 favorite

Zack V

At this point our only shot is to get Bobby Boucher of the SCLSU Mud Dawgs. Oh no! We suck again!!!!

    Zakk Molina

    Zack V gaaaaaatoraaaade

    Sergio Galindo


Yz Gent

I can imagine this team being very good in the future, but I can’t imagine being consistently good because of the high volume of player turnover during the offseason, and in-season. Bringing in players we’ve never played with, suddenly having to be acclimated to the offense and defensive schemes of our team, sometimes cutting players and then bringing them back, and they are expected to produce. There’s no way around it, players are going to get hurt, but please stop telling us about other teams being so good because of playing together for so long when we can’t even take the damn fe[ld with the same player personnel from game to game. Consistency comes with familiarity, we’ll never have it with this “Revolving Door.” RN4L!!

Armando Cardenas

Once again we suck another year of excuses and rebuild

    Abdul Smith

    Armando Cardenas family I said the same thing yesterday on as Facebook Raiders group page and so call Raider fans called me and other people who said what I said also HATERZ!


    I hope you know we got one of the youngest team in the league and it’s only 3 games 😬don’t say we suck just yet

    Jovany H

    Coolio Facts. It’s game 3 anything can happen. I hope they win more than 6 games at least.

    Big Dog

    So you do realize that we are in a rebuild year that’s good

    Jon Van Norman

    Suck is an understatement

Leon Florence

Get Cabinda back. We shouldn’t have let him go in the first place we have no depth at LB

    4S4P VD

    Leon Florence Cabinda threw shade at the Raiders in his insta story the day AB got into that confrontation with Mayock. He can stay on the Lions Squad

Gene Brimage

Gruden’s talking more about Vikings and their running scheme than his team..this is rough.then raiders are going to can Carr and then struggle with rookie qb in draft.when does misery end?

Mario Solano

We got a super good running back but dont use him never pass it to him never let him run to the out side or we need new and creative plays

Lee Kautz

Dang my team is annoying and sucky….we haven’t been good since gruden! What’s that? 20 years? Wait…..he’s back? Lol

I eat Aśś

If only they had some players like Khalil Mack or Amari Cooper 🤔

    Aloha Painting By Kimo

    Ouch!! So true!! What a f—k up that was!!!!!!

Marcos Lepe

Bench Carr, Bench Whitehead, Bench the whole Secondary! Al Davis would have fired someone by now!!!!

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