Coach Gruden provides an injury update prior to Week 3 vs. Vikings | Raiders – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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h f Reply

Be more aggressive on play call coach!!

    CP3's Right Hamstring Reply

    Carr can’t ne throwing those red zone picks.. deja vu from last year all over again!

Tristan .Soderberg -mull Reply

Raiders, We’re winning the AFC west as a send off. With our mindset attitude and talent. I have no doubts Sending faith love and the raiders spirit to you, as all us fans are, we’ve got this, this energy and belief is crazy, it’s the kind of stuff magic comes from “miracles”

Mike Derucki Reply


King Savage Reply

He better play doss this Sunday

    King Killa Reply

    King Savage Fr

B D Reply

Raiders rejoice! AB was released again lol Karma!!!!

I am a Doctor Reply

A.B got cut by the cheatriots , we saw it coming first

Mike Johnson Reply

Let’s go coach!! Go get this win Sunday!!
Make the Raiders 2-1

Joshua scott Reply

Simpson laugh: Haha

AB got release Go raiders

    CP3's Right Hamstring Reply

    Karma is real, and she is a mean mean bi**h

    Joshua scott Reply

    @CP3’s Right Hamstring ikr

mozzer one Reply

Gruden needs to know how to adjust as games go on…he seems to lack of it. Let’s go chucky. The gaytriots do it without key names, oh and lil cheating. GO RAIDERS

Big poppa Pump Reply

The only reason why cheatriots signed ab was to get the playbook from the raiders bill billacheats is afraid of chucky he even have to buy off the refs to win in the tuck rule game

Mister Paradise Reply

> 1 downvote

Hi AB!

Put me in your crazy Insta post bruh

joel franco Reply

I wanna see Nelson n doss mix it up boi cnt risk tyrell gettin hurt

Jerrod G Reply

Coach go get a wide receiver please! Dez Bryant, or make a trade for AJ green

    chris strong Reply

    Dez bryant dont stretch the field!

E Reply


Marcos Lepe Reply

Go Deep

Aaron Babcock Reply

A new field is going to help the Raiders with less injuries. Decade after decade its been a handful of reasons. Bad choices and opponents can cause injuries on and off the field. A new field will add health to ankles. Imagine a injury consensus from the fields of turf vs dirt ? Go RAIDERS !!! Just Win Baby !

saflip969 Reply

And other sad sad week for raiders nation!

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