Coach Gruden provides an injury update prior to Week 2 vs. Chiefs | Raiders – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
max salazar

Justin who???……(somebody help me out here I’m trying to search on YouTube lol)

    Jorge Ayala

    max salazar Justin Burris

    max salazar

    @Jorge Ayala….. thanx man!!

    Casey Canez

    Juston Burris

    JON a

    A nobody

    Joshua scott

    @JON a probably

raider nation full moon records

Must win

    max salazar



Coach G looking healthy

Brad Lamb

Too many injuries

    Casey Canez

    Brad Lamb 2?

    tow mater

    Lol we had more last week

jay fairman

Just because he played all those positions don’t mean he’ll be productive

    Mr. NiceGuy

    @Ruben Montemayor ill give you an example not a patriot fan but look at Tom Brady he didnt get drafted in the 1st round,you never know what they can bring to the table..


    Coverage for Abram and maybe Conley

    Siegfried von Vegesack

    Don’t want no more. Queefs on this team!

    Ruben Montemayor

    @Mr. NiceGuy you’re right bro but I just hope for the best for our team I want the best player bro possible

    Mo Gunz

    @Ruben Montemayor because hes washed up. Dude played 3 games in 2 years. Injury prone. Dont get me wrong i would love eric berry on my ultimate madden team with a flashback card. I wouldnt count on anything else. If he were still able to perform he would have moved on from the chiefs 2 years ago.

Ernesto Avila

Trade for minkah Fitzpatrick

    ccenda 310

    Ernesto Avila I mean we can but we already have some safety’s I’d rather have a vet safety so abram can observe

la tulipe noire

D lines gonna eat. AK gonna get to Kermit. Carr picks apart crappy secondary. The autumn wind could blow the raiders to a win. Could go either way but don’t sleep on da raidus

    Siegfried von Vegesack

    Friday the 13th Stat Head Special:
    Walter Payton 1421/607 (1983); Marcus Allen 1168/758 (1984); Roger Craig 1050/1016 (1985); Marcus Allen 1759/555 (1985); Hershel Walker 1514/505 (1988); Thurman Thomas 1487/696 (1992); Marshall Faulk 1381/1048 (1999); Ricky Watters 1242/613 (2000); Ricky Williams 1245/511 (2001); Charlie Garner 962/941 (2002).

Siegfried von Vegesack

Ponder this on Friday the 13th: LA Raiders 13 seasons. Oakland Raiders 13 consecutive non-winning, losing seasons 🙂 Just trolling a lil’ bit 😉

    Aleksy Ojeda

    Siegfried von Vegesack In 2016-17 the Raiders finished the season 12-4.. lol

    Josh Davidian

    So according to that logic, the Raiders have always sucked and will always suck… Even the Raiders fans are the most horrible fans there is etc etc


Minkah or Jalen?

    Metro Pcs


    Mike Que


    Noah Lancaster

    Minkah we can probably get em for two low round picks like AB but lower. Dolphins would take chump change rn

    Noah Lancaster

    Jalen wants top market money 💰

    Mike Que

    If jalen wants a lot of money and the dolphins want a 1st for minkah who do you think is worth the price

Daniel Madden

Gruden clear the chalk board in everyone’s mind. Superstition and luck have nothing to do with success. Knowlege applied in training is wisdom. The Raiders will never give power to lies of susperstition. Fools who are fake believe in and hope luck and superstition will help them. Wise men do not believe or listen to stories conjured by demons. Do not let demon worshipers affect or control your mind. Demons only control fools. Demons are fools. Wicked people try to manipulate they only have as much control as you give them. Like an abused girl from bad guy. Sad women and children give power to their abuser. Raiders do not give power to superstition luck and lies of demons. Strong minds strong will commitment in action wins games.

    Siegfried von Vegesack

    Yeah, yeah, yeah. Save your preaching for Sunday School. Niners are your team 🙂 Take all this football s#$& too seriously, you don’t understand the Raiders philosophy. The only “demon” here is the National Football League. That’s why I stand with my Raiders.

    Daniel Madden

    @Siegfried von Vegesack you dont even know what your trying to say. All those letters and you say nothing

    Siegfried von Vegesack

    @Daniel Madden After 46 years of Bleeding Silver and Black I think I finally got a little bit of a clue. I’ve made PhD’s cry in the Defendant’s Chair. Wanna be next? Here in the Court of Public Opinion? 🙂

    Brad Lamb

    You had me in the first half till you started talking about demons. That’s about on par in the foolishness measure with superstition

    Gunade Yuh Dead

    Lay off the sauce okay bud


Who tf is Justin Burris

    Luis Frausto

    JON a new corner / safety we signed. He played with browns and and jets I think

    William Murphy

    Miles Burris brother??

Daniel Madden

Gruden every player needs to know how the body heals operations often slow good healing. Operations are often unecceary, only if broken or torn tissue needs to be reconnected. The body heals most every tear break in 2 to 3 months. Muscle tissue heals sooner. Listen carefully. I would not let players use pain pills God made pain to tell us how to treat the body. Pain will help increase healing. Each player must learn their bodies natural healing process. Pain pills make ones stupid they learn nothing.

Daniel Madden

Superstition and Luck have nothing to do with sports. Only good work wise training wins games. Those who believe in luck are lost. You make it happen. Dont run into trees run them over or run around them.

Monee Boiii

Dammit jj cmon we need u bruh !

Say When

I just hope *ALEC INGOLD* is ready, because there’s no way Devey’s gonna block *Chris Jones!!!*

    Leon Florence

    Ingold will be fine

    Say When

    @Leon Florence I’m not worried about Ingold, I’m worried about Carr.

    Leon Florence

    @Say When Carr will be fine

    Poppa WoLFF

    Ingold is elated to bee a Raider and he is playing like a starving rottweiler…I can see a big difference already from the preseason. I think he would rather die than to miss a block so we will bee fine..

Jarvis Juice

Keep feeding Jacobs!

Matthew Rother

He need to stop sleeping on Doss and play him Sunday

    Low Key Evoh

    Matthew Rother I feel like he’s trying his hardest to “keep him a secret.” So nobody expects him, but who knows.

    Matthew Rother

    @Low Key Evoh Let’s hope so.

k block

Ground & Pound holmz. 😤

Creed Lewis

Man I think it’s pretty obvious Gruden does not think very highly of Doss. It has to be those easy drops that he is known for. Tyrell Williams was catching everything and that meant the difference between touchdowns and 4th downs.

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