Coach Gruden provides an injury update before Week 4 vs. Colts | Raiders – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
raider nation full moon records

Let’s win against the colts please!!!!!!!!!

Raider 509

Must Win Sunday☠✊

Rene Beltran

Let’s get that win RAIDERS FO LIFE

Church Izzle

Start taking shots down the damn field no more 4yrd passes on 3rd and long

    Jack Tate

    If it’s there!!

mozzer one

Start calling good games “Jon’e” start calling good games…

    Tetra Max

    We don’t know how much Carr audibles. That’s the dude that threw it away on a 4th down.

Gavino G

Don’t do traditional play calling. Running on 1st & 2nd and throw 3rd to predictable, that’s what he’s been calling

    Jack Tate


    Gains for Me

    Forreal! How about play action on first down…that would catch a team off guard based off our previous playcalling in game s

    E BO

    Gavino G, Gruden out there playing Tecmo Bowl.

    California Coast

    Yo E-Bo in Tecmo we had Tim Brown, Marcus Allen, Bo Jackson, Mervyn Fernandez to name a few. We were stacked.

    E BO

    California Coast, I remember that and no doubt it was stacked. Problem is they don’t have those guys now so the scheme needs to change to utilize what they do have.

Catalyst V7

Really hoping Trent Brown can play this week

lance bell

Yea Gruden..We know you have a lot of respect for the Colts.


    lance bell he’s doing that too much

J Castaneda

Bring musgrave back! That dude had the balls to take shots down field. 12-4 with musgrave as OC

    Jack Tate

    Just stop the non sense man.

    Derek Mortensen

    Bill sucked!

    CP3's Right Hamstring

    @Derek Mortensen k but Homeless Olson is worse


If flipping the field is so dire… shouldn’t you have kept KING?!?!


    oregonpoop amen

L 'audace, I'audace! Toujours I'audace!


OC Run

Good news Devey and Brown and Burfict and Mayowa. Stay healthy and win.

eph elle

Try and have Carr pass the ball more than 3yrds

Bad Ass Of The Week

move waller all around outside, inside. use him as a prime jimmy graham. he’s clearly the number #1 use him that way. tyrell #2 jj the slot. only way you’re going to be in games.

Malika Azzi

Jon Gruden can you sign Antonio Brown so he can win a super bowl with yo


Chucky is not having fun, I can tell.


    tj this thing isn’t going as well as he thought. From the Khalil Mack thing to now.


    tj this thing isn’t going as well as he thought. From the Khalil Mack thing to now.

Tyger King of kings

Gruden and Carr need to go somewhere else asap.

Marcos Lepe

Win or lose, throw the rock down field

Jason C

I’m really trying to stay positive about this season 😖

Jason C

Gruden needs to find a good offensive coordinator and let him do his job

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