Coach Gruden Postgame Presser – 9.22.19 | Raiders – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Coach Gruden Postgame Presser – 9.22.19 | Raiders

Head Coach Jon Gruden addresses the media following the Week 3 matchup against the Minnesota Vikings at U.S. Bank Stadium.

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Vincent Hamm Reply

Same vanilla offense. Swiss cheese defense. And excuses.

    CP3's Right Hamstring Reply

    Looks like last year.. Great tight end putting up numbers in a 10 point a game offense.. smh

    tripp Reply

    Bad coaching

    Roy serrato Reply

    You can tell he’s starting to feel the heat how carr does too period

    b Ollie Reply

    @Roy serrato yeah he should poor play calling and we’re weak in the trenches both sides of the ball RN4L 🏈 ☠️

Pirate1975 Reply

So the Raiders are paying Gruden roughly $600,000 per game over 10 years if he fulfills the contract. He’s only won 5 so far…. gets paid either way.
I’d like to apply!!
Embarrassing showing once again!

    Mdmchannel Reply

    Just goes to show that in life people with a big mouth like Gruden fool everyone

    reignman2112 Reply

    He’ll be gone after next season..

    Bill Lozier Reply

    Imo, Gruden is the Coach, voice ,face & co owner of the Raiders. Yes the Raiders are a disappointment so far. Big picture..Las Vegas, free agency, draft, no state tax, before ARNOLD can say it ..The Raiders WILL BE BACK.

Mr.stay_boosted247 _ Reply

Change the damn offensive scheme already 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

    Joshua scott Reply

    It’s Greg olsen

    Weapons Of Warfare Reply

    @Joshua scott No it’s not. Gruden said it himself the playcalling belongs to him

    Joshua scott Reply

    @Weapons Of Warfare oh well he needs to fix he should’ve least fix it when we lost to chiefs

    Alan Barcenas Reply

    We got rid of Olsen for a reason Gruden!! I flipped wen u brought him back. He’s a terrible OC.. WTF!!
    A loser OC a terrible and scared quarterback is not good for raider nation!! You need to stop babying Carr!,, From when he got drafted I knew he wasn’t going to be a good fit for the Raiders. I mentioned it last season, get rid of him and pick up Bridgewater you fucked up bro!!

Jeffrey Booth Reply

This is a poor team in every facet.Get used to the same excuses and speeches.

    Carbage Man Reply

    I didn’t hear excuses. I heard someone say they got beaten by a better team and didn’t play their best.

    Gains for Me Reply

    Oh us fans are used to it alright. Out played and out coached day in and day out. Raiders are such a bunch of scrubs.

Oscar Birch Reply

This is gonna be just like last year straight to the bottom

    reignman2112 Reply


    b Ollie Reply

    @Willi six no push from the D line RN4L 🏈 ☠️

    Gains for Me Reply

    b Ollie bro facts! Cleilin looks like trash but I’ll give him a pass since he’s a rookie but damn we drafted him at number 4. Where the hell is Key???! Hurst?!?! Hall?!?!

    Jovany H Reply

    Oscar Birch let’s stay strong last year they started 0-3 at least they got one win this season so far.

    J P Reply

    Carr is not the one. 6 years and only had 1 good year and never been the same

Breyan Donaldson Reply

Man Coach….what’s happening? If you can’t fix it step down. You’re embarrassing yourself.
And why is your offensive line already so beat up.

Mark Storti Reply

What happened to the commitment to excellence? As a fan for more than 35 years, this team is hard to watch. At this rate you’re looking at 1&6 by the end of October. This season is over already.

    Hi! I’m Surfer Bob! Reply

    Mark Storti I’m onto the mock drafts. I think we can get the top pick if Miami fucks up and wins a couple.

    Mdmchannel Reply

    It started when they came back to Oakland. Maybe a change of scenery will help.

    giovanni James Reply

    hey we showed more heart in those 2-14 seasons than we do now am i right ?

    Mdmchannel Reply

    giovanni James 2006 comes to mind. They’ve made the playoffs 3 times in the 24 years since they moved back to Oakland.

    Jesse Salazar Reply

    Mark Storti yea I thought this was a game style for us to compete with and boy was I wrong …. now I have no faith against colts and bears so yea 1 win coming back home in November 🤦🏽‍♂️

Ishmael Horrisberger Reply

I’m so sick of all this losing

    Derek Mortensen Reply

    Then leave!

    Ishmael Horrisberger Reply

    Derek Mortensen what’s you’re Problem

    DH K Reply

    As a vikings fan me too

Phillip Wilson Reply

You can record this press conference and play it over and over the next 13 games smh

    b Ollie Reply

    @reignman2112 ikr 👍 Chucktown SC and APB for Shell

    nick name Reply


    Mdmchannel Reply

    reignman2112 Actually I made the same comment you made last year. Yes I got the joke.

    Kevin Roller Reply

    100 percent agree this is Bullshit his play Calling Sucks Defense Garbage

    TheSco415city Reply

    Bruh 😂😂😂😂

Stangman12 Reply

Its one thing to lose but this team just cannot compete its a horror show,week after week getting blown out.

Phillip Wilson Reply

Cut Riley, play Doss pretty please 😫

    Jesse Salazar Reply

    My gawd Riley is so garbage

    4S4P VD Reply

    Phillip Wilson need to change our offensive scheme first, no point in having good players if we don’t know how to use them.

    Gains for Me Reply

    Riley is so trashhhh holy eff how is he even in the league

kissmyconverse Reply

We fired Del Rio for this?

    angelo belcher Reply

    @Jesse Salazar True dat!

    Hector Louis Badilla Reply

    we need a quarterback like Rich Gannon he didn’t take shift from Gruden Carr is a great guy but face it he’s too soft he’s the real Ned Flanders I believe Carr is underperforming because of the pressure he’s under he could be cut next year

    angelo belcher Reply

    @Hector Louis Badilla Somebody with some moxy, some guile. Carr is a too much of a cardboard Qb, can’t improvise much.

    kissmyconverse Reply

    @Jesse Salazar the bottom line is you fire and hire a new coach to get better. At this point in time we are not better. We are worse. End of story

    Jesse Salazar Reply

    kissmyconverse can’t argue that lol

BigHartAtack Reply

For gods sake gruden, cover your mouth with the play sheet when you call a play! Might as well use a damn megaphone.

    Apex Monarch Reply

    BigHartAtack it still wouldn’t matter

    Bre3zyYaB1sh Reply

    Can you lip read? Idk wtf he’s saying.. doubt the opposing coaches can either. Or the other players. Covering his mouth is the last problem we have.

    DH K Reply

    @Bre3zyYaB1sh the Patriots would know. Lol

Carlos Pimentel Reply

Olson, Gunther and cable got some explaining to do!!!

Nobody Panrael Reply

I wanna be there with them in the loses too, not just the wins. RN4L

    Francisco Antonio Bravo Reply

    Nobody Panrael dude me too idc what happens

    Francisco Antonio Bravo Reply


Everett Plater Reply

When this guy gonna get pissed off we stunk up the place

Daniel Negron Reply

For the second week in a row you have been out coached. Maybe it’s true what they say. You’re x & o’s don’t equivalate to today’s modern day era.

MR. B Reply

Wtf Gruden! Are we tanking already!? Throw the ball down the field and try to win the game!

    Jesse Salazar Reply

    Pretty sure carr doesn’t want to mess his stats up

Galactic Goo Reply

He didn’t say the refs helped with ticky tack calls but he knows it and towing nfl company line

News Now AZ Reply

Nothing has changed from last year to this season the offensive looks very out of sync and the defense is the same for the past 5 years.

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