Coach Gruden discusses O-Line depth and continuity of the Vikings’ defense | Raiders – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Coach Gruden discusses O-Line depth and continuity of the Vikings’ defense | Raiders

Head Coach Jon Gruden takes us in the film room to break down the Raiders' depth on the offensive line, the continuity of the Vikings' defense and discusses the performance of Vikings running back Dalvin Cook so far this season.

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Magic Estrada Reply

No more audibles on the goal line pls just give the ball to Jacobs thank you.

hector munoz Reply

Glad Richie is back a Veteran guard so the Raiders should get nasty and run the ball

B N Reply

Iโ€™m sorry but I feel that Brandon Parker should be on the practice squad the least

    JustPlaying2020 Reply

    He should NOT be in the league.

Quentin Booker Reply

Cut Brandon Parker he is just flat Trash i pray Trent Brown dont get hurt no more this season

    luis daluz Reply

    Man you might be right but ill give him this year… sad to say he does suck

    Lee Austin Reply

    Trent is a monster. Anything that is not Trent is a HUGE step down. ๐Ÿ™ he stays fit

WirHyperboreer Reply

Miller – Incognito – Hudson – Jackson – Brown
That can be a sick O-Line this season!

    Natural Creature Reply


    Ali-A Reply

    Natural Creature were not in 2018 no more

    Lee Austin Reply

    That line up when fit must be up there with best in NFL

Daniel Palacios Reply

Make the move for Jalen Ramsey!

    Natural Creature Reply

    Not that smart

    iplaydrunk247 Reply

    @Natural Creature AGREE!

    Byron Mendez Reply



go get ’em G Man!!

raider nation full moon records Reply

Beat the Vikings SUNDAY PLEASE!!!!! ๐Ÿ™….. RN4L!!!!!!!!

R PM Reply

Good Production….Go Get em’ hell in Valhalla!โš”

Allen Arroyo Reply

Jackson should play left guard when he comes back

Benzo_ Foe Reply

Renfrow gotta do some damn push ups he too weak

    Byron Mendez Reply

    I’m sure they have him working out and a solid diet plan, it takes time

JustPlaying2020 Reply

We can beat them.

Lawrence H. Reply

Re-sign Brandon Lafell

Dumpsite Digger Reply

Yes sir very Happy Richie Incognito is back…. have faith in our team

H L Reply

Just get it done I ainโ€™t laughing based in your comments coach
Results damn it!!

pigspigs76 Reply

Put Richie in at FB for Jacobs!! Gurden having a Good hair day l

California Coast Reply

Hey Coach we need better 2nd half play calling. 10 points is not enough.


I really dnt like this! for the simple fact. It gives away insights about how Gruden! will prepare for the next team. Especially if you are playing against coaches you played against for many years. There’s a pattern. Just a thought

Byron Mendez Reply

Time for the Raiders to hit the road, this is gonna be a long month, hopefully 1 win. Want them to beat the Bears

what-a-do doo-bi-doo Reply

Aight imma head out.

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