Coach Gruden discusses Dakota Allen and Colts’ offensive weapons | Raiders – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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calimanpaul89 Reply

Really complementing every team in every video he does

    Robbie Foster Reply

    part of the job bro no bulletin board material

    eph elle Reply

    I agree, too much compliments. Dont have to say anything negative, just dont say anything and concentrate on our team

    SuperOmnicron Reply

    Does that too much imho … the commentator side

    SuperOmnicron Reply

    eph elle I totally agree … sounds like he’s soul searching… players have to show him something

    IntergalacticQuasar69 Reply

    It’s called class

Ray Sanchez Reply

Defense is taking a beating!!

    tripp Reply

    What else is new Ray?

Max Sanchez Reply

He was a much better commentator than a coach

K C Reply

my guy wakes up @ 4am each day to come up with the most complicated ways to call a 1 yard pass on 3rd and long

    scott Reply

    Olson is the main problem 4 wins last year! Come on.

    mr Garcia Reply


    silver black Reply

    Great comment …..lmaooo

    Chest Rockwell Reply

    The Colts will put up 50 on the Raiders

    K Hasan Reply

    FUKN FACTS!!!!

micha burress Reply

Gruden looks depressed

    Byron Mendez Reply

    If I had to rely on carr I would b too

    AkumaCode Reply

    yeah, did you catch that sigh under his breath when talking about the ryan grant cut?

    micha burress Reply

    @AkumaCode ya like he got rapped in the locker room or something

    SuperOmnicron Reply

    That AB thing was a gut punch… no explosive player and Abrams was out…. Vikings exposed them …. needed that Brown thing to help …

    jack mann Reply

    @SuperOmnicron That idiot mess up our whole season, but that’s what you get hen ya put all of your eggs in to one basket! Depending on a dummy. Man we need a speedy outside receiver badddd!

Samuel Reply

Be the HC, and hire a OC who knows how to play call with today’s NFL.

    tripp Reply

    His ego will never let that happen

    Jrock Lopez Reply

    If we keep losing..he will..

    SuperOmnicron Reply

    tripp his ego doesn’t block , tackle or make penalties 🙄

Captain Smoke Reply

Gunther saw the shortage of linebackers coming on hardknocks when he had to cut Cabinda

DeShonda Washington Reply

Thank you gruden you said those words about allen he needs a chance yes indeed yyaayyy for Dakota Allen…


RAIDER NATION 4 LIFE.🖕🏽Enough with the interviews.Lets get some DAMN WINS!!!!

    Joshua scott Reply


    thephatguyable Reply

    Won’t happen against the Colts. Maybe next week.

Greg Hickey Reply

Gruden ain’t looking good right now in this video. God bless the Raiders. We’r gonna need some help this coming Sunday.

    SuperOmnicron Reply

    Greg Hickey He’ll have to ride this out… his decisions , teams play, his consequences.

    Santino Tupou Reply

    TY Holton don’t play this sunday raiders defense should do good Go Raiders

eph elle Reply

Dang, our players are dropping like flies. Hope we can get some wins! Enough complimenting the other team, concentrate on our team. Win!

    tripp Reply

    I wouldn’t hold your breath brother…

    jack mann Reply

    It’s not getting any better. We have the bears in Lodon right behind the Colts. And Greenbay at they house right after that. Then back home to face the redhot Houston Texans! Breakout the the purcacets! Or Valiums! Followed up with your favorite alcohol refreshments. Lmao, it’s going to be a long cold winter. Looking forward for the draft already at the third week mark of this NFL season. This is a damn shame!


So tired of him pumping up the opponent’s

rayr559 Reply

Sounds like Gruden loves every team except his own

    Buzz Killington Reply

    rayr559 ain’t nothing wrong with softening up your opponent a little bit.

    jack mann Reply

    He’s might as well, because he doesn’t have one! Tham shame!

tripp Reply

I always knew we still needed 1-2 more draft classes… no depth on defense

John Carl Reply

Bring back Musgrave. Olson is not it.

Kevin Kaatz Reply

Defense is so bad, they outta show the film in black & white with Vaudeville music playing.

Supermoan Reply

Finally!! I wanted us to draft this guy. 😊👍

Badass Froslass Reply

I like how he called Brissett an experienced qb despite the fact he’s started 3 more games than Baker Mayfield

Plug Outlet Reply

Colts Nation we already won. 😂

Brian Kou Reply

If I were a reporter: “Why were you dinking and dunking down 31-7 late in 3rd quarter?”

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