Coach Flores’ message going into year two | 8/3/20 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
William Skewes


Splishy wishy

I’m excited for year two

Lifeisagamble Elbmagasiefil

Fins up 13 minutes wasn’t enough is there a complaint division you guys can send me too thanks upper management fins up

Felipe Carvalho

Coach Flores, please Unleash the Beast, Q – Durval Queiroz #69 OL!! Brazil is waiting!!! Congrats , you did a really great job at Miami

TW Bluff

Fins up! Definitely excited for year 2!

Felipe Carvalho

Brazil USA Football

Lifeisagamble Elbmagasiefil

Josh Rosen 5:25 !!!! Earn your spot Rosen work hard it’s not going to be given to any player here in Miami and that’s exactly what the dolphins needed competition in every position.

Lifeisagamble Elbmagasiefil

Tuas time 10:45


    Lol he’s been doin well not good

Darrell Harrod

I hope Josh Rosen is successful.

Tony Diego 25

This was a lackluster interview, tbh. I hate to say it as a fan, but when you hear the same response of “take it one day at a time” amongst other responses to specific questions, it raises a couple of concerns; Coach Flores may be overwhelmed atm and may not have all of the answers, Coach Flores may have been caught at a bad time to interview, Coach Flores may not care for some of these questions. It’s sad to see because I believe he can do better than this. Regardless, I’m excited to see what happens in Year Two! FinsUp!!

Juan Saintclaire

Maaan I don’t understand coach Flo. Coach, do you know that Antonio Brown is in YOUR BACK YARD filming music videos? Please snatch him. Put Him On The Field Coach


    Hell nooooo

    Mike G

    No way, I don’t want that cancer anywhere near this team.

    Juan Saintclaire

    Please believe. I Kno why y’all feel like that.

    Puddle -

    @Juan Saintclaire antonio brown is a talented and amazing player no doubt. He would be awesome with devante making an awesome duo. But I dont think he will. I hope he does but also I hope he doesn’t. If they cant coach him hard and discipline him, he wont make it. But if coach flo can do what seattle and kansas city do to all their trouble makers, than they might take the risk on him.

CJ Later

I hope the dolphins get more support on youtube

Trellvis Thomas

Give Rosen a fair evaluation!

Reese Center

I seen it happen too many times, im going to tell you whats going to happen before it happens. The dolphins oline is a joke! None of these 3 QBs are want to start because like i say the oline is a joke. Fitzpatrick is the smart one hes just going to collect his paycheck. He doesn’t care what happens, the dolphins have 0 chance of winning a superbowl. Who ever starts this year you better get be prepared for getting hit. 2.5 seconds or all you 3 are going to be knocked the fuk out by week 6


    So dumb lol

    Reese Center

    Well see, but i have a track record, ive made ridiculous ytoube predictions on my channel, in about 6 months ill get back to you you and ill say i told you so

    Puddle -

    @Reese Center we got Robert hunt and austin jackson in the draft which will be an upgrade and bring more competition. We got a good center in free agency as well. The o line was awful last year but we can only go up.

Sir Mingus Dew IV

Flores’ is the answer to the Dolphins question. He’s amazing, I hope he’s coaching the Dolphins for a looooong time.

Kirby Evenson

I’m excited for the future of the Fins!!! Coach Flo will take us to the promised land!!! 🐬⬆️

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