Coach Flores meets with the media – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Karen Setzer

Go Dolphins 🐬 Commitment to compete every play

idk about that

Kiko should’ve been kept. With him and def. Fitzpatrick wed have a real defense. Now Howard is all we have….

    Enoch Eyim-Danquah

    Kiko didn’t wan to play in the scheme, he was freestyling too much

    idk about that

    @Enoch Eyim-Danquah he was at the end of almost every tackle. That was his art. Watch. Hes a gonna be a great one and we traded him away.

    Go Gators

    @idk about that your name fits your comments perfectly

    Enoch Eyim-Danquah

    It’s true he was always around the ball but that doesn’t mean he was doing his job well, a lot of that free styling is part of the reason they would break the run in the first place. And he also wasn’t good in coverage. Although I would say he always gave 100% effort.

    Ryan Minnis

    Mayb you should actually see them play week 1 before you pretend to know what ur talking about Kiko was a joke last yr

TW Bluff

In Flores we trust

william harmon

Why would you ask a coach do you think you have a good team ? If he says no the team instantly quits with no effort and its national news. Stop with the dumb questions. No wonder bill belichick acts like Grench during pressers

Ryan Minnis

Id rather have 22 hungry well coached guys that noone heard of then a bunch of over paid divas any day Phins up love Flores he knows he can get it done.

    Kingz Reign Supreme

    @Family Over Everything , wait until we dont win a game.

Out of many One

Making Phins Great Again!

Leory Hardin

Vegas is going to win big off Dolphins this year


    Probably because most of the money will be bet against the team. Vegas will make out either way.


I like coach Flores mentality; prepare, work hard & play harder, schemes, find weaknesses, 100% throttle = results.

At the end of the day Dolphins gotta line up and preform for x16 games. We are one of the if not the youngest team in the league. So yes, the NFL analysts, sports reporters, Los Vegas and the entire world predicts that the Dolphins will go 0-16 or at best 3-13… So be it, Dolphins still will line up & play hard to win. The Baltimore Ravens are a good team, they have talent and experience. They should feel confident going up against a team made up on 90% year 1 rookie starters, year 2 or 3 max out of our 53 man roster. But, remember this, all 53 on our Miami Dolphins roster wants to win! They will give 100% on the field, they have talent too, a few vets but mostly young hungry players ready to prove that they to can be winners. The way I see, if Miami losses they’ll say that’s what was suppose to happen. But, imagine if Baltimore is the loser… that would be called an UPSET. Embarrassing! Shameful! Beat by a year 1 coach & patched up rookies! Ravens got more to loss if they come in here thinking it’s an automatic W – Sleep on us, 0-16 is all we got remember. Come take your week 1 Win – we READY – On 3, GO Dolphins!!!

    Kingz Reign Supreme

    Dude, I don’t care how much we want to win. We lack the talent. 0-16, bet that.


    @Kingz Reign Supreme
    Doubtful. They will win at least 1 game. Probably a few more. Doesn’t matter how much talent you or anyone else believes the team has. Games aren’t won on paper or based on someone’s projections.

    Kingz Reign Supreme

    @Barachiel , we shall see. Your opinion is about as valid as mine.

m black

Baker is going to be the spy on Lamar. If I’m lamar., I’m keeping both eyes open Sunday on j Baker

    Richard Mcguire

    Fitzpatrick will be the spy. Baker will be on the tight end.

Mike Pelligrino

Same shirt again GEEZ!

Mike Pelligrino

Many love Flores as much as they loved Gase.

Larry Mullen JR

God only knows what defense he will throw at the Ravens remember he’s a defensive mastermind they will be ready to play


Honestly defensively I think this team will do some good things, it’s the offensive side that’s the problem. We may win games this year due to the defense.

    Stefan Bojovic

    MrBlazzin101 we have a great WR but no OL


    @Stefan Bojovic well without the line you don’t have a chance to get those players the ball

Vince Greene

I loved da dolphins wit my heart but when I start rooting for other team u know its bad.. flores has to go


Ready to go . We are getting blown out .😑

Mark l

Your down 59-10 at home today against the ravens. What did you do to this team? Do you know what your doing. I don’t think your a coach, your a defensive coordinator at best

Nick Poverman

Told you he was clueless. They gave up 59 points to an average team. Pathetic


    Ravens are not “Average” we finally have a potent offense with weapons at every position, to go along with one of the best defenses in the NFL. Keep sleeping on us if you want. We actually like it that way. 😈


The Other Willie Taggart!

Albert Manabe

Bad Start Mr. Flores! Time to Go Already????

Albert Manabe

Go ahead, try to say all the right things!! Do you know what you are really doing as Head Coach?? Just sayin’, your team was NOT Ready!!

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