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Dolphin Junkie Reply

starting Fitz clearing shows that they’re protecting Rosen, or… they’re tanking which is obvious. if Eric Rowe starts again I’m not wasting my Sundays anymore watching this hot garbage embarrassing team!

    Donny Fraley Reply

    Maybe Tank will make it back soon.

    Saint Michael Reply

    I stopped seriously watching them when they traded Tunsil.

    Donny Fraley Reply

    Annnnnnd we just traded Minkah. Dropping like flies.

David Headman Reply

We got ur back flo

    Paul Washington Reply

    You really dont seem like a dolphins fan go rite ahead have his back we see im telling yall this not go work.

Beast Mode Reply

I was born a dolphin, im not a dolphin by choice.weve been losing since i can remember so if we have to keep losing to start winning then im up for it…

    Irvin Johnson Reply

    Beast Mode same here. F… the haters. 🐬 for life

    Mark Jefferson Reply


    Mark Jefferson Reply

    @Irvin Johnson exactly.

    Corey Brown Reply


Lennorris Murray Reply

I love what the head coach is doing for the Dolphins He rebuilding right now so lose all game for years from now they will be in the Super Bowl

    Mark Jefferson Reply

    @Saint Michael No I’m really not! I believe Shula had Marino and went to one superbowl and never built a team around him! So know I’m not out of my mind I actually what in talking about. I get it he won 2 superbowls one which was undefeated. He also lost 3 superbowls and didn’t win Jack with arguably the greatest Qb ever. And never built a defense which he was known for or brought in a running game! Yea that Shula, yes they will be better then him! No way you give this regime,in this era Dan Marino and he not win 8 superbowls!

    Paul Washington Reply

    Who told you flo is that hell of head coach to get rid of all those players an start over. Any proof he’s that good of a coach to let players like fitz,tunsil, now im hearing Drake could be next. You all are rideing on a rainbow stevie wonder can see this not go work. Love him i donot!!

    Milkinator 101 Reply

    Paul Washington Grier is the one making these trades. Why would Flores want to trade a cornerstone on the o line or their most versatile player on defense. This is a complete roster overhaul and it’s going to be very ugly before it gets better. It’s something that’s going to be hard to go through but it’s what needs to be done. This team has been mediocre my entire life and something different needed to be done.

    Milkinator 101 Reply

    It’s something that needed to be done unfortunately. This team has been so poorly ran over the years a complete rebuild was necessary

    Mark Jefferson Reply

    @Milkinator 101 yes but Grier wouldn’t do that without consulting Flores.

Mark l Reply

I don’t think tanking is a good stradegy for some reason. Why? Because you take a gamble on the draft and free agency. What if in 3 years were a 3-13 team after the rebuild? A few tweaks and we could of been a contender with last year’s team. Remember we went 6-0 until Wilson went down and injuries galore hurt us. It was a matter of coaching to fix this team not tanking.

    H Lee jr Reply

    Not to mention the players that are on the team that they’re jeopardizing. They run the risk of serious injury and for what ??

    Anthony Fuentes Reply

    You mean 3-0

Ibraheem Rao Reply

I wonder if TUA is watching or following dolphins games on Sundays

E Ternal Reply

I trust Flores in the long run but All these answers and explanations is pure BS, we’re tanking!. The play calling on offense and defense tells it all.

RodG Reply

For a minute there I thought he was going to break out with
Playoffs playoffs

bolegcook1978 Reply

You da man Flo….We got you. Go dolphins!!

Out of many One Reply

Tanking for Tua; people forget Jimmy Johnson lost 1-15 in Dallas in his complete overhaul of the team until the team won 3 SuperBowls.

    Mark Jefferson Reply


    AznJungleFever Reply

    This what we need to believe in

    Derrick Austin Reply

    Out of many One incorrect

Keino Smith Reply

I cant take it any more!!!!

Jim Woodle Reply

Minkah Fitzpatrick has been traded to Pittsburgh for a first round pick.  Willie Mays Hayes and The Wild Thing will be given tryouts tomorrow.

    Ryan Minnis Reply

    Jim Woodle they are already suited up (Wilze) (Rowe)

Marco 0 Reply

And now minka fitzpatrick traded to pittsburgh 😕 0-16 is ours!

    Chris Foster Reply

    Good glad he’s gone

Jake Straus Reply

I thought wiltz stood out good coverage and tackling

    Ryan Minnis Reply

    Jake Straus wtf game were you watching Wilz is the biggest pos ive ever seen him and rowe are total trash

Donald Johnson Reply

Hate what the owner and Gm have done to this team. Will always be a Fan of this team. I truly believe the coaches and players are doing what they can to win. Maybe will get a win at some point. Fins4life. Remain loyal and hopeful…

Chris Johnson Reply

Next year is are year we’ll get are qb and everything else in free agency we’ll be good

MoZaRt81 Reply

We’re on board with you coach. Let’s see this through …

MoZaRt81 Reply

subtitles of the questions asked would be useful

# hamdale Reply

I think Flores deserves the benefit of the doubt. He inherited a hodgepodge from multiple systems. In a couple years, theyll be stacked with talent. We’ll see where Flores can take us then.

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