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Chad Marchione

Everybody who watches this needs to check out td phins talk. Phins up keep building the right way coach the right way is never Eazy or comfortable I’m on board


    @Miki Val anyone with a head on their shoulders and actually watches football agrees with you, there will be fairweather fans and guys who dont know how man players we have on our roster, the difference between 4-3 and 3-4 or what an edge rusher is who disagree but dont waste your breath on them, the dont get it and never will.

    Mike Pelligrino

    @Miki Val Flores will get his time mainly because Ross is football clueless. And coming from the Pats has failed 3 out of 3. He is no where near Bellichick. Maybe you wont know how Flores is “until the process plays out” but I know he’s been pathetic so far and not only because of the blowout. He has already lied to players, fans, and media, and prolly lost the locker room. His assistants are terrible! And he didnt have his team ready game 1.

    Miki Val

    @NORTH ENDER Agreed. Wasting any time with these people is not worth it. Any fan that calls for the firing of a head coach one game into the season is an uneducated fan. Trying to educate them is wasted breath. I’ll follow your advice.

    Joel Cebada

    Stop with the td phins talk crap

    Chad Marchione

    Joel sorry that bothered you go checkout td phins talkπŸ˜‚

Nick Poverman

This guy is clueless. Another coach with no energy. I call feel his lack of caring every time he speaks.


    Have you ever been a new man on a job you knew it all and could do it all the 1st day the 1st year right give me a break

    Fly solo 28

    @A Mack yes I’m a private contractor overseas. so I’m always the new guy on the jod what does that have to do with anything. He is a head coach so he has to support and be there for his guys. that Kenny Stills b.s is a huge red flag for me richie incognito all over again.

    Bill Burns

    & Yet Shula, Landry, Walsh, Belicheck, Ried, Reeves, Gibbs, Dungy & Peyton Are All The Same way! So I’d Say Flores is in Good Company!
    Judging a Coach by His Press interviews May just be One of The Dumbest Things I’ve Seen/Read So Far!πŸ˜•

    Richard Dalley

    @Family Over Everythingthank you thank you thank you. Belicheck is a genius not his employees. Belicheck did the game plan not Flores.

tom Koutsopoulos

At least they know their weaknesses, ok guys the goal is to keep the game within 30 pts this time that will be an improvement. Smh oh well….

# hamdale

Improve from last week? It couldn’t possibly be worse

    America Reigns


    America Reigns

    The phins are looking to only get beat by 45 points.

    America Reigns

    @DeVaughn Currie New England 87
    Miami 3

    Jordan Asel

    DeVaughn Currie I’m going to hope last week was just showing hey ravens always beat us type thing

Quentin Seals

It’s only 1 game. Dey wasn’t ready to play. Preparation!

Jose Poblano

Coach Flores is doing the right thing with the Fins. U walk before u run and he coached with New England for a reason and Coach Belicheck didn’t have him there if he didn’t know what he was doing. We can’t expect a miracle the first year. We must believe Dolphans and good things will happen. Go Fins…And remember when u build a puzzle it starts with one piece at a time.

    America Reigns


Austin D

Based on what I saw last week. The patriots are gonna destroy us.

    DeVaughn Currie

    You got the right buckaroo brace for impact anyone who believes that was a isolated incident last week

    Travis Eerickson

    Pats are gonna put up 70 if this week is anything like last

    America Reigns

    Brady will likely throw 8-10 td passes on these scrubs.

James Welford

This approach kinda reminds me of the Dallas Cowboys when Jimmie Johnson went there – They were running guys in and out until they found the mix they wanted and won two super bowls – with all those first round picks you can get a QB, Left Tackle and other key guys next year. You can find other parts in the mean time – look at Preston Wilson, that had to be a surprise and he looks good for a rookie reciever.

    Bill Burns

    My Thoughts Exactly! Could You Imagine if Jones would have Fired Jimmy Johnston, Turner & Wanstadt After That 1&15 First Year!?? Ohh Hell! My Late dad was a Boys fan all his life & He was Freaking out when the Shram sold the team & they fired Landry on his doorstep! But Even He Knew that The Team Wasnt Gonna Win Immediately!.
    I say Let Flores Do His Job! No Head Coach Starting From Scratch is Gonna win a Bunch of Games Their First Year! It Just Does Not Consistently Happen!..
    (George Siefert was an Exception Due to Walsh Already Having The Team & System Assembled!)


    @Bill Burns preach the gospel Billy boy

Yaakov FingerEr

He was a defensive coordinator???

Sure didn’t look like it out there.


We have a team with 90% rookies 1st year or 2nd year playing on this teamπŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€” So you think they need more experience you’re right they will get it and be a lot better next year. Nobody on this planet has been good at a job the 1st year without repetition and practice

    Mike Pelligrino

    So why keep hiring novice HC’s that always fail? Ross is football clueless!

pete's autos

john gruden went 4-12 his first year with raiders

    America Reigns

    Dolphins dream of doing that well.

Bill Burns

& Now….We get to Hear from all The Armchair Experts Coaches & GM’s!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Robert young

What its about, its a business, that`s what its about, putting a top notch product on the field, today, not tomorrow !

Kimberly Mason

I wouldn’t care if we lossed but played competitive! I’m not looking for a 9-7 record… I’ll be happy even if we lossed every single game, but play with heart an give all that they could! Not 59-10 that’s just not acceptable!!!!!! Play Defense guys WTF


    9-7 Is not happening. I’ll bet my balls on that.

Sharrod Ford

We’re about to get smoked again


Jimmy Johnson went 1-15 his first season… how’d that turn out

    Mike Pelligrino

    Cam Cameron went 1-15 his first season. ……how’d that turn out

Fly solo 28

Made Jackson and RG3 look like HOF. Brady is going to have a career day this coaching staff is horrible.

    America Reigns

    Brady very possible could hit 8-10 td passes on these scrubs.


take a shot for every UHHH

America Reigns

This clown couldnt coach a high school team.

Ronny Simon

Hey Kap. Your out of work I need a blow job for 5 bucks while the anthem plays.2.50 if you only use one knee how ya fixed?

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