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Adrian Pinto

SuperBowl bound🐬☝️

    Jamie McCaslin

    @Go Gators without the muffed punt Florida only scores 17 points so yeah we lost because of a muffed punt I know math is hard for you meth heads

    Jamie McCaslin

    @Go Gators Miami fans know we aren’t liked lol Florida fans are still wondering why people have had a higher opinion of Miami than Florida after the game so let me explain Miami had several freshman playing on both sides of the ball is implementing a new Offensive system and has a first time HC and yet despite all that if you took the logos off the helmets and removed the number 8 ranking the teams would look the same

    Michael Mitchell

    Yes Sir! 🐬

    John Leatham

    I hope so

Tastyquicksand - #DailyNFLVideos

Dolphins fans, are you going to destroy the Ravens?


    IsThisTheKrustyKrab? What you might have not seen the comment stop saying things u don’t know kid


    @BigTaste I’m picking the Ravens to destroy Miami, boy.

    Chris Down

    @IsThisTheKrustyKrab? When we win can you say you were wrong?

Quentin Seals

We gotta a young team

    Chris Down

    And I like it.

Jackie Alley

i think all these repeditive meetings are not needed, everyday just with reporters that is not doing 1 good thing for the team, give it some time to build up things so its not the same over and over, seems reporters ask same things to get a gottcha moment to say coach did something wrong, we needed a change and we are getting it and now reporters are, whoa wait, what, what is this, why why, coach wants to bring winning back and tearing the place apart is part of it, thank goodness he just didnt come in and keep on with the well we will win a little and stay right in the middle of the league, bring back winning a lot more than losing and building on that, then we might find our dolphins in the big game again, lets go dolphins

    Shane Simpson

    Jackie Alley well said.

Karen Setzer

Wow 😮 The question about a mental and physical challenge! Like they say,
“If you cant stand the heat, get out of the kitchen”. This ain’t croquet. “ To be the best, you have to beat the best” whether you’re in practice, conditioning and/or competing on game day. Football 🏈 is so tough that the game separates good from the greats to the legends. I trust and respect what
Coach Flores and staff brings to the table everyday to prepare this team! Go Dolphins 🐬

    Watchmen Andrew

    Right! If we start winning it will be happy times. However if we schooled in every game he will lose the team thats football. I dont think he really cares cause the next to years this will be a whole new team.

    Chris Down

    I concur.💯


Raven always blew us out when we had gase so you better coach good

Alex B

We aren’t going anywhere this season

    Chris Down

    Why not?

Michael Mitchell

Let’s Go Fins! 🐬

    Chris Down

    Fins up

Dustin Klumpe

Chris Grier really screwed coach flores and the players over . I can’t believe ross didn’t step in and stop it .

    Chris Down

    How did Grier screw Flo & the player’s


    Yeah, how did he screw them over? They said before they even hired anyone that this would be a process and the team will go through a lot of hardship before seeing them improve again.

    Thomas Coburn

    No he didn’t

    Dustin Klumpe

    @Thomas Coburn absolutely did . This team when it was together last year was a winning team. It wasn’t until injuries took their toll that we couldn’t compete and folded. Grier traded/let walk players that could help us win now .trading tannehill, Quinn and tunsil and not resigning wake has created a talent vacuum. Mabey he can use next year’s draft to get a potentially good LT even though we already had one . This team didn’t need a rebuild , it needed to fill in the gaps and fortify. With our fast WRs and solid RBs and if the o-line over achieved this year we could have been a force . Grier has moved us needlessly back .


Stay the course.  Shula is smiling!  Next year Super Bowl.  Defense wins championships!

    Kid 13

    I never laughed so hard 😂

Pete Martinez

You can say it as many times as you want Flores but one thing Ryan Fitzpatrick does well is turn the ball over……

Mike Pelligrino

Flores lies like Saban lies. Thanx Ross.

    Chris Down

    B-Flo the truth.

Mike Pelligrino

Brian please change your shirt! GEEZ!



    Chris Down

    Leave the Man alone prick.

Nick Poverman

2-14 record.

Joshua Harriott

He’s like bill belicheck this man don’t smile

    william harmon

    Thumb nail he is smiling.

Ralf Vasquez

Im a dolfan since 1985 and every year since Jimmy Johnson and every coach we’ve had took over it seems like were always trying to rebuild. How we supposed to rebuild every year when we draft players we trade them. I mean makes no sense. It’s always our o-line who can never block or our d-line who can hardly rush the QBs. So with Flores sounds like the same song and dance. If we can find some good hoggiez and some d lineman I think we can contend cuz we always have good RBs, WRs, LBs, and DBs. Been waiting 34 years to go back to Superbowl and looks like I might be waiting another 34 years.

nedar giordano

Ryan Fitzpatrick and dolphins kicker Sanders are the x factors in this game. Even though the Dolohins have a weak offensive line, Ryan Fitzpatrick can scramble and make something outa nothing. Go phins.

Jaycob Pina

Who is starting Rosen or Fitzpatrick

    Logan Garrick

    Jaycob Pina fitz has the nod

Domi !

Flores obviously tryin NOT to give anything away. pray he coach better than he speak! lol..

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