Coach Fichtner, Coach Butler speak following Thursday’s practice | Pittsburgh Steelers – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
A Random guy

Keith Butler sucks

SteelersNation 1

Butler Is a joke. Should’ve been gone last year

    SteelersNation 1

    @Zechariah McGhghy either you’re Butler or his relative or his number 1 fan

    Zechariah McGhghy

    @SteelersNation 1 the fact that you think the players don’t screw up is pathetic. Honestly go look back Sunday the fucking defense drop down from there coverage spot when Brady didn’t even have a running back in the back field and that’s what I see every fucking week our safety’s are fucking trash

    Zechariah McGhghy

    @SteelersNation 1 nope your just someone who thinks players can’t do no wrong it’s all good. Listen I’m not given him a free pass he does need improving but I’m not going to blame him for players fucking up like you know it’s a fucking pass play but yet our safety’s still treat it like it’s run every week.

    SteelersNation 1

    @Zechariah McGhghy 😂😂😂 you’re the biggest idiot dude, Butler put Sean Davis 1 on 1 against Gronk idiot and his play calling is trash

Lloyd Grissom

Butler has to go

Rdon 357

Keith Butler should have been fired many seasons ago too many sub packages too much complication with a defense too much hillbilly mumbo jumbo no wonder the players can’t understand

    Sumswag Gaming

    fichtner is more of a problem but k

    Rdon 357

    Yeah cuz the Steelers offense was so bad last year in his his first year….Dink

MadMalcolm D

Don’t run Shotgun formation on the goal line with no running backs….don’t throw 50 times a game. It isn’t tricky nor is it working against the Pats.


    let me add a suggestion and say that it isn’t working against the whole league either lol

TAYLOR Raeshon24

Hire Dave aranda from LSU please

    Tim’s Hot Takes

    That would be awesome

Charles Charles


Eskeetit Litty

WTF is this guy still doing here?


GREAT hindsight Steeler coaches. How bout some foresight?
You guys had a long time to game plan for New England and we get embarrassed. The team was totally unprepared and flat. Thats NOT acceptable. Are you hearing me?
You guys either get your sh!t straight or get the hell out of Pittsburgh cuz WE ARE SICK OF LOSING TO NEW ENGLAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    john edborg

    Nailed it…

Alberto Arellano Fernández

Butler us a stupid and must be fired!

D-vine 1

Randy Fichtner aka the dude that called the same damn shovel pitch run 3 times in a row and then punted

    Guillermo Ruelas



    I was pretty disappointed when I saw that

    Dave B

    Worse than Haley if that’s even possible ugh….


    D-vine 1 Exactly- his play calling is terrible

S.V Will

This drunk mf

Gregory Rollins

My favorite thing about Seattle is Pete Carroll. He knows how to win too. It’s going to be a great game. Go Steelers.

Bin Steez

Keith you gonna run man defense against Tom Brady again or do you care about your job ?

lesley shipley

Blah blah blah, same BS as tomlin for the past 6 years. It’s truly getting old

Linkz GP

Butler should be fired along with Mike Tomlin

Dave B

The most worthless DC in the NFL ugh…..Less of the bust DuPree….More Chickillo!!!! Would likely help, can’t possibly be worse….Bud is worthless!

Phinesse DaPlug

Fichner and Butler look like they spend Friday nights on their best friends patio out in Connellsville.


“Get ’em in 3rd and long and stuff like that…”

Wow, thanks for the X’s and O’s. Now I’m convinced you know what you’re doing.

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