Coach Fangio: ”We’re not doing enough good things that the good teams that win do’ – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Roy Man

Is it bad that im not even mad that we lose anymore its like im getting used to it … but hey we got the jags coming to denver it’s must win . If we lose well then we are in huge trouble

    Lorin Lewis

    The jags had 8 sacks vs Titans. Flacco might not finish the game with our lack of pass protection

    Timothy Sisneros

    @Steven Soco either way CHJ is gone after the year anyway. I don’t see Denver re-signing him next year. That’s what his hold-out was all about, he knows the team isnt bringing him back. Legitimately, you’re looking at maybe 3rd rounders for Miller Harris and Sanders. Maybe even cutting Flacco in the offseason.

    Genetic Freak

    Hopefully there’s a few thousand more Bronco fans out there who feel the same, then the stadium will be empty and some changes will finally be made.

    Patrick J Mims

    Unfortunately, this is starting to become the status quo. And we can’t blame ourselves. I have given this team over 30 years of my life, and I’m worn out. Every season I say the same thing, “We’re going to win it all this year.” it’s kind of a joket but it’s kind of not a joke too. However, over the past couple of years my annual declaration has felt phoney. I’m absolutely positive that it is impossible.

Begreat 7

No matter what broncos fan till I die

    Ridiculous Nickolas

    Begreat 7 will shoot for a wild card

    Cartman Power

    Raiders will be getting the AFC West if the Chiefs and Chargers can’t get there.

    Bill Flynn

    Begreat 7 Me too, but these guys suck right now!

Tim H

We’re about as good as the mic on these reporters asking questions.




    Yeah, you’d think in 2019, with the available technology and the money involved, that making the reporters audible would be pretty easy.

Luke Trujillo

Win or lose Broncos fan 4 life !



    Cliff Hanger

    Bronco fan for life until they kill me

Ball Life

Why are we passing inside on the 3 yard goal line. Run the mf with Royce. We play all 3 division rivals twice we can still change the narrative.

    Jim Marquez-Medina

    Ball Life Elway is the only thing Denver should change 💯

    Taylor Capitanio

    maddog76 they barely beat us last year 🤔🤔🤔

J Landon

And I Love My Bronco’s Just being honest!

Mercer Mitchell Jr

Broncos bout to go on a 7 game winning streak!!!

    Dion Rodriguez

    Mercer Mitchell Jr …..I can’t tell if it’s sarcasm or if your serious we couldn’t even if they wanted too they can’t beat kc not right now their not even close to being good enough to stop them if we played them today instead it would have been like 34or41 to 10 maybe

    Truce Da poet

    Mercer Mitchell Jr 12 game winning streak

    Lorin Lewis

    Denver is about to drop 4 more in a row check the schedule. We lost 3 games to average teams. Jacksonville has a great defense. Flacco might not finish the game next week. Our pass protection is the worst I have ever seen.

    #1 Broncos fan!

    Would be nice



Dream Reef Beltran

It’s hard to beat anybody in the NFL when you have to go against the referees and opponent. The NFL has a vendetta against the Broncos . The NFL is corrupt👿☮️☮️✌️


    Yea dude it’s fucking lame. Robbing us of touchdowns 🙁

    Jonathan Vargas

    Right i thought i was the only one that saw that pattern!

Bobby Compton

Do not worry my fellow broncites been a fan for over 40 years seen worse


    Actually… no… no you haven’t. To be honest the worst this team has ever been was eclipsed last year, let alone this year.

    Cubecraft Banned

    No you haven’t. We just had the first back to back losing seasons since 71-2. This is the worst this team has been in nearly 50 years.


We need more speed on offense. We are so damn slow

Marcos Gallardo

reading these comments like our season isn’t over lol it’s over people don’t act like cowgirl fans now.

Montrez Smith

We’re still developing and we will win games. Watch us have a good winning streak coming up. Broncos Till I Die!!!

    Orly Ray

    Nah 3-13 max

King Flacko

Joe flacco is the last person anybody should blame. Hes keeping us in games if anything. The defense is just soft. And they force the run game sometimes



    September baby

    maddog76 we don’t suck… sometimes good things take time.

Truce Da poet

Defense need a scheme switch….go to the 4-3 and play some 6-3-2 or 3-6-2 style

    D K

    632 style? Lol…6 lineman with 3 linebackers? 🥴

Dream Reef Beltran

Be patient bronco fans they are new coaching staff and quarterback. Our time is coming real soon. ☮️☮️☮️☮️☮️☮️


    Currently the Broncos should be promoting Vaseline for obvious reasons

    SEAN S

    yeah when we have a Patrick mahomes.

    Orly Ray

    It’s 3+ seasons the fans have been patient. This organization has been on a downward spiral since 2015

    Dream Reef Beltran

    @Orly Ray you can stay on top forever you have to rebuild excluding the Patriots but they’re corrupt they have to cheat to stay top ☮️☮️☮️

Tee Dizzle

Ok enoughs enough. You have 3 deep threats in Sanders,Sutton, and Fant. Sutton showed last yeat he’s more than capable of winning 50/50 balls. Enough of this dink and dunk nonsense.

Bill Flynn

I’m seeing progress on the offense… but what the HELL is going on with the DEFENSE? I’m starting to think that they are not allowed to rush the QB! This is pathetic!!

Rashaun Weimer

We need a mobile quarter back. We need damn pressure on the other teams quarter back.

    Barrett Imports

    Yep. Will we ever see a sack? LOL.. How about lining everyone up at the line and hitting the QB? haha..

Genetic Freak

First team in 50 years to have no sacks or turnovers through their first 3 games. Once Flacco finally gets hurt they’ll be competing with the Dolphins for #1 overall.

    Barrett Imports

    Coaching.. Fangio is to blame. Last year Chubb and VM were doing well enough. His scheme so far is very poor. I’m shocked

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