Coach Fangio: ‘We have to play a little better, no matter who we’re playing’ – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Pulse Zap Reply

Love you guys

#1 Broncos fan! Reply

We will play better!!! Let’s go Broncos!! Let’s get this win!

    Roethlisberger Power Reply

    In week 17, they will likely get revenge on the Raiders.

    Power Talk Reply

    I agree with you my friend….🤔🤔🤔 starting after the DA BEARS 🐻👇🤣..

    #1 Broncos fan! Reply

    @Power Talk bears have no offense easy win

Roethlisberger Power Reply

Will the Raiders sweep the Broncos? Or will the Broncos win week 17?

    Flea1301 Reply

    @Jamal Hasan nah the other guy is dum

    billny thehighestguy Reply

    @Jamal Hasan oh lmao. Couldn’t tell by what you said

    billny thehighestguy Reply

    @Jamal Hasan we won’t rest anyone if we don’t have to


    @billny thehighestguy a raider fan lmao here we go again

    Paty Perez Reply

    Roethlisberger Power we will get em at home!

billny thehighestguy Reply

A little??

5280 Highlights Reply

Its so stupid how PI is reviewable but a blatant facemask isn’t

J Landon Reply

Can’t blame it on the baseball field. still no scoring in the red zone & nobody open!

    Jason Walton Reply

    The dropped td pass hurt bro

J Landon Reply

And as soon as we get an awesome offensive line we lose them in free agency.

J Landon Reply

Bottom line can’t score in the red zone! Top Priority!

J Landon Reply

Love My Broncos forever but cmon guys we to fix this!

Steven Daniels Reply

Coach found out we need alot of work

Down South Bronco Reply

Is it me or did the run game play more physical with Elijah Wilkinson ” not saying but just saying “

    jesster777 Reply

    Dude got torched in pass pro

Down South Bronco Reply

Imagine Josey Jewell and Todd Davis playing together in the middle talk about bumper cars

Quinton Wilson Reply

Get the bears Vic…

Gage Vonderheid Reply

Come on Broncos let’s get that win on Sunday

Robert Preston Reply

hate to say it but if you cant beat my Bears then you are in trouble!

Max Fire Fantasy Report Reply

Here from the Bears, y’all take good care of our homie Vic, ya hear?

J T Reply

Will they score 14 against the Bears

Jo Jo Reply

why would you scratch Juan Winfree??? he’ll get those 50/50… Hamilton sucks.

    Andres G. Reply

    Win free did impress pre-season if #17 doesent pick it up, he needs a shot

    jesster777 Reply

    Was he a healthy scratch?

Bobby Compton Reply

No you need to play a lot better than you did

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