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Still painful that Elway passed on Devin Bush. Our Lb’s sucked last year even with Davis.

    Uso Penitentiary

    You act like adding Bush was going to prevent Bolles from committing the most holding calls in the league since last year…

    Uso Penitentiary

    Cubecraft Banned 😂😂😂😂 a comment about Lock comes up and you appear after 2 weeks. Typical

    Todd Smith

    @Steven Soco Its not even like he is a seasoned dude yet. He still doesnt even understand basic qb techniques & fundamentals yet…thats gonna take about a year or 2. So was it even that good a pick up?


    D J Drew Lock was the team at Missouri, he didn’t have a lot of playmakers. He put the team on his back all 4 years. What a foolish comment.

    Steven Soco

    Todd Smith well, rookies need to come into the league…it’s a short career

S Bassett

LMAO. Garrett Bolles has obsessive-compulsive holding disorder.

    Ish B




    Steven Soco

    S Bassett he also literally has a 70 IQ

    Blizz Dog

    The guy calling the game today was cracking me up calling anyone with the number 72 lol

Wiljohn Ho

Vic wants to win, he believes in his team just a few changes and I swear the Broncos will turn things around!

    Aryaan Hyder

    turtle4614 Bryce Callahan is coming Back soon. We can Turn this around and maybe but probobly not make the wildcard spot. Maybe we should rank for tua like the dolphins lmao


    @J Day never give up. But have frustration knowing what have continued to be issues. Its always GO BRONCOS!!!

    Kung Fu Junkie

    We they turn everything around in Lambeau Field this Sunday 😂

    eric wasonga

    Keep on dreaming donkeys are going nowhere

    Todd Smith

    @David Navarro BOLLES IS TRASH!

Begreat 7

Coach fangio I have high hopes you And this team please turn This around and let’s win some games 💉🧡💙

    Todd Smith

    @Blizz Dog Thanks dude.

GT Venom

Then stop telling us and show us

Karl D'Rocco Gallant

Stick to water, team. Don’t drink any Gatorade. It’s being spiked again. ugh


Glad to hear they found some mics!

    Bill Romanowski

    A Billion dollar franchise needs a A good mic.

    Uso Penitentiary

    It’ll be back to normal tomorrow

Mike Oz

For the Elway haters…

Elway took us to two SBs as a GM in a matter of a few years. He assembled one of the best offenses the league has ever seen, and when that didn’t work, he put together the best defense the league has ever seen. You can say he’s bad at drafting all you want, but the cold hard fact is he’s already accomplished more than most GMs will their whole careers. He is unquestionably an above average GM and you’d be a fool to think we’d be better off without him.

    Cubecraft Banned

    Extremely low IQ comment here. I’ll make this real simple. Why was Elway able to build that offense or defense? One man: Peyton Manning. Why was Elway able to get Peyton Manning? Because Elway inherited a team full of talent that just needed a QB to get things going immediately. So how have you tricked yourself into thinking Elway was some genius mastermind pulling strings and pulled off those teams when he had the greatest QB of all time entering his true prime knocking on his door and then every year for the next several after that he had the best free agents in every class – Talib, Sanders, Ward, Ware – knocking on his door afterward because of Manning? Elway isn’t smart or good, he’s lucky. If the Colts hadn’t screwed up with Manning Elway would’ve been fired years ago. He can’t draft to save his life especially at the QB position and he’s awful in free agency when elite players aren’t going into negotiations begging to play for him. Elway is an AWFUL GM and needs to be fired immediately. We would be so much better off without him. Get a grip.

    Blizz Dog

    I believe John Fox is a good talent evaluator then he was as a head coach he help build Carolina, Denver, and Chicago and yes I know John Fox coaching was old school run run pass.

    Tracy Guidry

    This team will crumple if we get rid of Elway. He’s our best hope of staying an elite team.

King Flacko

Flacco played good once again. You fans cant blame the qb every time. The defense didnt do there job

    Steven Soco

    King Flacko Flacco was good. Give him time he can be great, but Elrod forgot to build an O line

    Blizz Dog

    He was damn good hell I was thinking he was Montana with the quick passing game he killing the bears and the bears D was gas

Paty Perez

Loved going for it on fourth down love the gutsy call for 2 pts at the end…why that guy asked if we were conservative today….heck no we weren’t conservative …and I liked it!

Kevin Bolanos

The roughing call is do we give up 35yrds on 4th & 15?!?!??!?@?@

    Mr T

    @Blizz Dog Yes I realize that, but without the roughing call, that play never happens, and there is no clock watch. I also do not believe there was time left on the actual game clock. I was counting down the game clock at the time, and it had expired. I don’t see it the same way you do.

    José Ilarraza-Boyed

    @Mr T There was a second on the clock because Allen Robinson sacrificed himself and a timeout was called the moment he hit the ground. The refs reviewed it and added the second back – it was accurate. If you look at the tape, it CLEARLY shows Allen Robinson on the ground with a second left…almost two seconds. The reason the clock went to zero is because it was never stopped like it should have.

    mark luers

    No in that situation the qb has to call the timeout not the coach. Mitch called it after clocks hit 00. Watch the video. He also had to move up the field to his player and make the time out. It was 00 but it’s ok the NFL beats a team again.

    Kevin Bolanos

    Stop making excuses, the roughing call did not put them in fg range, regardless if the games on the line or not, if your a broncos fan why you excusing a 4th & 15 conversion

    Klaus Klaus

    Kevin Bolanos a human is not able to call a timeout on 0,3 seconds, sry


The offense showed up… THE DEFENSE DIDN’T!!! No sacks in the first 2 games of the season, that’s a problem!!! Love my Broncos, but there are some serious issues that need to be ironed out.

ray ray

The o line was holding up, but the outstanding lineman whose actually doing good is dalton Risner and hes a rookie


    ray ray holding up? Lmao what!? They were awful

Cliff Hanger

Well played coach I thought you did well but the chips didn’t fall the right way.
Flacco was supreme at times and if we played four quarters of that final drive we’d be winners and grinners.
Tough loss but we live and learn. On to the next game.

Vlad Laz

Defense isn’t the problem, (allowed 16 points) it’s the running game that couldn’t get going

    Blizz Dog

    Denver D was playing damn good today


Here’s the difference between Fangio and Joseph. After the loss Fagio is mad and almost every interview I watch VJ was just disappointed. I think he’ll be a good coach for a good team in time.

Abrams Talks NFL

Coming from a Bears Fan, Coach Fangio is one of the best in the game. Broncos fans you have a lot to look forward to! Keep your heads up. Lots of terrible calls on both teams today ruined the game :/ Mad Respect to the Broncos and Coach Fangio

    Cubecraft Banned

    Fangio may have been a good DC but as a HC he’s just about as bad as you can ask for. I’ve seen nothing to be excited about thus for. Somehow this team looks worse than they did last year.

    Aryaan Hyder

    Cubecraft Banned You really think he is gonna do his first year with absolute garbage and a shithole left by Vance Joseph.

    Evan Weddle

    @Cubecraft Banned I have no idea what you’ve been watching. Flaco throws a much better deep ball than Keenum, and much better over the middle of the field too. Just listening to Fangio the team actually has some direction from someone who understands the game. Go listen to VJ again I have never ever in my life seen anyone so clueless about what they were doing in my life. Give Fangio a chance he’s brought in some great coaches, but he’s a rookie HC and is working with a first time play caller who called a much more brilliant game today against probably the best defense in the league. Yes, we are off to a rough start, but I would much rather start slow and learn now rather than have no answers in December. VJ had zero answers and had no idea how to take advantage of his personel whatsoever. However so far this year we improved a ton from Monday night, and we are still missing 2 key starters on defense. Can’t wait to see what this team could do with more time together on D, and once we get those others healthy!

    Blizz Dog

    Hell thought Denver played one hell of a game today first time in a long time I seen the Bears D get carved up like they did today Flacco look damn good as for the D you can’t over rush Mitch or he kill you with his legs so they had to keep him in the pocket, just for a second game Denver almost beat one of the better team in the NFL


    Y’all be fine

Robert Preston

Lets be honest my Bears got REAL lucky!

    Jordan Cabral

    Robert Preston yup luck is alllllll it was

    Blizz Dog

    I don’t think it was luck Mitch hit the wide open Robinson at the end of the game for the FG the roughing-the-passer was the correct call sacking the QB you can not land on top with all your weight on the quarterback as the Bears got the same call on Goldman he landed on top and yes I think it’s a stupid rule

    Robert Preston

    @Blizz Dog he made one good play wow

    Blizz Dog

    @Robert Preston yep that’s all he needed to win the game

    mark luers

    @Blizz Dog lol dude he didnt land on him, look at the replay dudes body was up looking at the ball. The NFL is a joke and that was a bad call. 110%

Binx Negale

Lets keep fighting Broncos Country. Win, Lose or tie still a DIE HARD BABY!! No crybabies here. Its Football yall. God Bless 🤘💯✌

Terry Smith

We should have won this game, no excuses, that’s good.

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