Coach Fangio: ‘Ultimately, a lot of these games come down to one-on-one [battles]’ – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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We gotta win Sunday

David Gentry

Donkeys. 0-3 to start 2019 season. Very disappointing

    Cartman Power

    And turn it around with a week 4 win just like the Texans last year.


    David Gentry oof the fayders got demolished by the chiefs toooooo easily without tyreek

    Steven Soco

    NICHOLAS DZIEDZIC yeah, Chiefs are deadly

    ray ray

    @Steven Soco there players are too fast they need to have certain CB close man against some of the Wrs who are more less slow, and the ones who need to be cushion get watched by safeties and Cb’s

    Brenton Burbank

    Shut up

Mosin Nagant

Go Broncos!

Cartman Power

The whole town of South Park started a protest against Flacco back in February.

    Steven Soco

    Cartman Power sounds stupid…

    Flippant Booch

    Stupid just like the cartoon hahaha

Steven Soco

Still like Vic! Tells it like it is, mostly…

    Karl D'Rocco Gallant

    Showing his “fangs.”

Emma Salazar

Ready to bring the Pack their 1st loss! Let’s gooo!!!!!!


    Please do from a bears fan go broncos.

explore 2580

vances 2-0 starts are lookin really good now….bad coaching bad offense bad draft picks…we could have had noah fant in the 4 round…elway has a great job…no matter how bad it gets he gets zero blame…

    Uso Penitentiary

    explore 2580 at this point you’re trolling. If Vance’s 2-0 starts were good then we wouldn’t have fallen off a cliff in back to back seasons. And Fant was the best TE in the draft after Hockenson.


    I believe they traded back a few picks because they didn’t want to take a certain QB in first round then they came back and picked fant as if he was some type of savior knowing the team had bigger needs and truthfully it’s showing, I just hope the team can turn things around

    Uso Penitentiary

    BigMarkDaDon so TE wasn’t a pressing need? 🤔 you do realize that we haven’t really had a threat at that position since Julius Thomas right? I get that people wish we took Bush because we haven’t had another good LB since Trevathan but Davis hasn’t played yet. If we’re still struggling then I understand but our problem has been a lack of a pass rush and Bolles killing drives


    I think Fant would have been around in the second round, idk if you realized it but Denver loss a lot of linebackers during the off season which was role players, Ray, Barret, Marshall, on top of that who’s our DT? We’re small up the middle that’s why our outside rushers such as von and Chubb isn’t getting sacks (no push up the middle) Fant might become great later in his career but in my opinion I don’t think Denver should have drafted him in the first round

    Uso Penitentiary

    BigMarkDaDon he wasn’t going to be available in the 2nd round. Ray was cut for a reason and he’s still a free agent for a reason. Marshall is a free agent as well and he was cut for a reason as well. And who were we going to possibly draft at DT at 20? Because there were 3 DTs taken before we picked and Tillery has yet to make an impact for the Chargers. Besides, the original plan was for us to get Haskins but the Raiders brought him back and we didn’t really have much money to afford any big named ones in free agency. The thing is we could always bring back Peko and idk why we haven’t yet but they have to be realizing this by now. Fant was the best choice unless you wanted Dillard or even Hollywood.

Francis Senyah

I’m just happy I can hear the reporters questions! FINALLY!!! GO BRONCOS!


Sunday will get ugly. They very well could start 1-5.

Karl D'Rocco Gallant

Don’t freak-out on the Denver fans, Vic. Get it together before the Broncos annual Halloween party. No Gatorade for you,” Mr. Fang.”


Fans wanted hang Vance Joseph with this type of BS but he gets a pass.. DROPPING your best pass rushers in Coverage all game is stupid

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