Coach Fangio: Stadium practice ‘good for everybody’ – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Blighty X

Drew Lock is the future of this team, please don’t rush him. He’s easily the best QB in the draft and I would hate for him to play too early. He needs to sit out at least 8 games. Fangio is a very smart coach, and I know that he’ll make the right decision with him and this team.


    As a Flacco fan, I hope Lock sits out three years. Then Denver can make a decision in his fourth year, to extend Lock long term then, or let him play his fourth and final year on his rookie deal out and see what his value is.

    Jeff Garcia

    Blighty X I agree man he needs time to learn

    Cliff Hanger

    @Speedyreedy1218 i agree with you. Joe is the man of the moment until he isn’t.


    @Cliff Hanger Yep. Embrace him with the same respect and clout as you did #BroncosCountry with PM. This isn’t Lynch, Oisweiler, et al. He has a reputation (and hardware to prove it) under his belt as well.

Hotshot Bronco

Margo, Edith and Agnes call him Vector, after Victor “Vector” Perkins.

isadore alire

I love that there is no sugar coating. Basically letting the players know they need to scrape their fertilizer into one bag.

シB O I

Who ever Dislike is a bum

    Joey Garcia

    Raider fan

Begreat 7

Vic the man😂

Jim Marquez-Medina

I love me some Vic Fangio.


Vic must not be a fan of Dr. Gregothy Johnson


    San Antonio’s finest???

Paul Bautista

It’s Bolles isn’t it??

Brian G. Ellman

I like the part about to many penalties. they need to listen. and he didn’t say. please caught the ball.

Wayne A. W.

Lol. Aesthetics don’t win ball games, e.g., practicing in a stadium, absence of music during workouts etc. A great QB and stout Defense do. This coach will end Elway’s tenure sooner, rather than later lol

    Josh Young

    Vance Joseph, is that you? Get back to winning practices bro and off youtube.


    he said in a prior interview he wants some of the younger guys especially to get into a real stadium to see what it’s like before they’re actually playing in a game in one; reduce the “culture shock” a bit

    Wayne A. W.

    @hatedheretic “real” Stadium… you mean, like the ones they PLAYED IN DURING COLLEGE? lol


    @Wayne A. W. no, as he mentioned before, some of the players didn’t come from big schools and have that kind of experience. and seriously, the more time you spend in a place the more comfortable it becomes.

Jay Ketcham

This new “no nonsense” approach is great right now but let’s see how it works after a few L’s. These millennial players are not going to put up with old school very long. This guy makes Dan Reeves look like Wade Phillips. “Straight Shooter” is going to become “Out Of Touch” in 6 months. He’ll be coaching linebackers somewhere by May.

    Josh Young

    Yeah, cause we won so many games with a “player friendly” coach.


    I personally think you need a balance. Vance Joseph was too far on the player friendly side. I am worried Fangio is too old school but I see him relating to players too so I am hoping he has a good balance.

Joey Garcia

Everything about the start of this season seems positive, on track and in control. The last couple of years there was so much uncertainty, not Broncos Country can relax and enjoy the progress we are seeing each day.

toby vigil

Vic fangio is the next vic lambardi

K 9

Chicago Bear here Cross Watching Our Former Defensive Coach.. Also Bryce Callahan…Good Luck This Year Broncos, Pulling For A Great Season For You!! #BearDown

    Dana Ohlson

    K 9 thanks. Vic looks to have it together. What a Change from the previous regime. I’m looking forward to a better season. Hope da bears dominate the North.


I like this guy alot. He’s old school with an understanding of new school. He seems to really love the fans too. He pretty much put this on for the fans. I hope 18-0 for this guy!


A huge upgrade from last years coach

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