Coach Fangio outlines plan for Saturday’s stadium practice – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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When you are so early the title isn’t even loaded in.

Griffin Gertsch

Yeah preseason it gettin close

Clickbait Jr

One more week until sweet broncos football

Silent Gaming

Go broncos

Jeff Garcia

I can’t wait for the hall of fame game

Brian G. Ellman

I really like the way Vic does in his videos. don’t slam anyone. let us rock. Broncos

Lee Joseph

He’s winning us a Superbowl
within 3 years

    John Vigil

    Lee Joseph ya his experience is the difference. I’ll say within 2 years. 👌🏼

    Jeff Garcia

    I would love that but come on I say about four but it would be amazing if he did it in 3

    Jerome Schulze

    I say this year!!

    Ronald Samples

    He’s winning us a Superbowl in year 1

Mo Her

Im liking this HC!!

Larry Wolfe

Please get a parabolic microphone setup so folks can hear the questions!

Jerome Schulze

Our training staff needs to start doing something differnt.. Back in 2015 we had hardly any injuries during training camp..maybe 1 or two guys out for season.. That was it..until season went on

    Cliff Hanger

    Yes and no. It’s mainly on the players to avoid injury by using correct techniques.


    Different* my god you can not spell…

    Jerome Schulze

    @SaxMaster75 my gosh u are gay!!

Jerome Schulze

If we have no seriouse injuries this year and our offense clicks and df gets after it we are going to the bowl..and winning it


    When u cant spell serious lmao, what a dumbass


    SaxMaster75 he only misspelled 1 word lol which was serious

Jerome Schulze

Is not that hard to catch a pass.. Keep your eyes on it and ball out..

    frozone frozone

    well u arent catching from a nfl qb

    Jerome Schulze

    @frozone frozone well u are gay


I am really excited for Vic as our HC. The way he carries himself is just head and shoulders above what we’ve had for a long time. I am actually excited for this season while last season I had written it off the moment VJ was coming back for a second disastrous season.

Richard Larkins

he just said “we had a good practice”, and ,…crickets… from the closet racists who dogged VJ before he even coached a game.

Travis Bishop

Is a couple of quality Neumann U47 microphones for the press completely out of the question 👐 For fuk sake 🙄

Wayne A. W.

At least Flacco will be better than Kyle Orton, music-at-practice or not lol

Josh G

I can’t to see hat he dies with the broncos this year

Alexander's:First Among Equals

Go Broncos

Ronald Samples

He’s winning us a Superbowl year 1!!!!!!!!!$

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