Coach Fangio on what it will take to beat the Jaguars: ‘It’s got to be a team effort’ – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Jacob Himes Reply

Has anyone else heard chad Johnson wants to come out of retirement to play for denver and help them that sounds cool hes confident he can still play does anyone think he will actually get a chance to at least try out?

    Joseph Malinowski Reply

    Kaiden Eats you’re definitely right Chad Johnson is way too old but that was really got to step up their game Von Miller Bradley Chubb Flacco the whole team needs to play so much better yeah we could have a winner to but we’re 0 and 3 and we need to turn around season fast

    Paty Perez Reply

    Doubt it

    Kaiden Eats The Earth Reply

    @Joseph Malinowski yeah

    Joseph Malinowski Reply

    I was talking into my phone as I was texting I have no idea how the Earth got into the text sorry

    MrBigstick25 Reply

    Hell Flacco wouldn’t have time to get him the ball. He’d be pissed

Bobby Vincent Reply

Glad coach is comfortable in his skin even at 0-3. I have to say VJ would have been a nervous wreck. All due respect to the guy

    Flippant Booch Reply

    BigMarkDaDon have u seen the cardinals defense lately ? Trash . That’s my point

    BigMarkDaDon Reply

    Flippant Booch last year in my opinion it was BAD play calling in clutch moments, this year it seems that we don’t have an identity on offense or defense, which is bad being that the season started

    Flippant Booch Reply

    BigMarkDaDon yes bad play calling in clutch moments which was all organized by VJ. Joe woods and bill musgrave . I agree last year we had a good team that could compete .they almost made the play offs even with bad coaching. Although the bad coaching was there downfall..

    Flippant Booch Reply

    This year we have improved coaching. But we are missing execution by some players. Like missing pieces to the roster which is allows qbs like Aaron Rodgers to get an easy touchdown in the Beginning of last weeks game

Paty Perez Reply

Wow I forgot we even had Callahan he was a waste. Has helped us none

    MrBigstick25 Reply

    Samuel Oliver Id start Bausby over Yiadom. He’s played with some attitude and defiantly can’t do any worse than Yiadom. I think my mom could catch a pass against him for Christ’s sake.

    I am MGTOW Reply

    Callahan isn’t a waste. He is one of the best nickle corners in the NFL. He has versatility. He can play on the outside and at nickle. When he comes back from injury I think Fangio will put Jackson back at safety.

    Paty Perez Reply

    I am MGTOW well he needs to get out there maybe we’ll quit getting burned. I do like Bausby tho

    I am MGTOW Reply

    @Paty Perez

    Injuries happen is the NFL. You as a Broncos fan should know that. Just stop it

    Paty Perez Reply

    I am MGTOW they do happen I’m aware of that what I’m saying was he was already hurt. I’m sure he’ll be great but it sure would be nice to have him out there

Paty Perez Reply

I say we turn things around this week I always knew we would finally start gelling and playing better by week 4 or 5. It’s our time! Let’s Goooo Orange and Blue 💙🧡🏈

    Quinton Wilson Reply

    You stay positive I’ve been noticing your comments all season long

    Paty Perez Reply

    Quinton Wilson we’ve got to! Negativity will kill them worse and I actually don’t think we are as bad as our record shows 😉🧡🏈💙

    I am MGTOW Reply

    @Quinton Wilson

    I believe the team will start winning a few games soon. They are getting better every week. If they can run the ball successfully I think they can win. Jags QB is very good and it will be a tough job to stop the Jags from running the ball with Wolfe out.

Michael The Original Dizzy-D Lavimodiere Reply

Getting Our First “W” This Week….!!!! #MileHighSouljaStyle💪

Mark Sanchez Reply

Quit putting Chubb and Miller in coverage like they are Defensive Backs and let them pass rush what they are born to do.Ever sense We got this coach Chubb and Von been Resistant on Pass Rushing.Is it The Coaching or is it the curse of the stadium name change?🤔

    Paty Perez Reply

    Mark Sanchez yea that’s weird putting them in coverage let them pass rush!!!!

    David Gentry Reply

    Kansas City used to drop Tamba Hali. Juston Houston back in coverage. Rarely worked

    Jack McCandless Reply

    They can’t pass rush.

    MrBigstick25 Reply

    I don’t even think we have a sack or pick in 3 games. I thought his guy was suppose to bring out the best of these guys.

Anthony Lucero Reply

Were the damn best 0-3 team in the nfl😄

    Bored Murse Reply

    That’s the spirit…lmao

Todd Moyer Reply

Coach, why do you still look lost on the sideline?

    Paty Perez Reply

    He don’t look lost to me I do wish he’d move up to the box and get a better view of things.

    pj on mobile Reply

    He dosn’t look lost he looks like how the hell my team this trash

    MrBigstick25 Reply

    He looks like how the hell is this team so 🤢🤮

Gmo Gomez Reply

Coach is so smooth. That last question was so redundant what a nerd to even ask that

Josef Luetschwager Reply

I’m mad that Derek Wolfe got injured he’s like one of are best DT

SmallKind1974 Reply

even 0-3 still love this Coach Fangio

    Paty Perez Reply

    SmallKind1974 me too

Fifa Paco Reply

If we lose it’s over y’all better give in to much chances give to the organization

turtle4614 Reply

Please don’t go 0-4, please. Pretty please with sugar on top. Just want a W!

Gerald Reutter Reply

Somebody make a play ? Highly daughtfu this team can beat anybody .

MrBigstick25 Reply

Im afraid the Broncos are in for a Mile High Mustache Ride this weekend. Diamond in the rough Gardner Minshew will continue shining by making our Broncos look impotent for the 4th straight week.

Yungin Senju Reply

You guys can beat the jags

padkirsch Reply

I love Coach Fangio and the broncos! Hard times, come on guys you got this I believe in you. You guys can be a really amazing team I see it! 💟

Ronald Krikorian Reply

Coach. If u cant beat the Jaguars you and the whole team need to step down! 0 – 4

Dream Reef Beltran Reply

I believe in you coach ☮️☮️☮️

Dave Logan Reply

Denver will get 1st win this week..Offense will move ball and finish..Expect blitz to open up Miller and Chubb for pressure..No Turnovers.or bad calls..Win

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