Coach Fangio on longer practices: “Only way to get better” – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Michael Finger Reply

Gg broncos are in the playoffs this year!!!

    #1 Broncos fan! Reply


    Hotshot Bronco Reply

    That what I’m HOPING for.

Mr.Swag2003 Reply

Let’s go

Jeff Garcia Reply

Good felling about Vic and anyone play Madden overdrive if so leave your user name below so we ca play

Broncos Stampede Reply


Broncos Stampede Reply

Is It Weird We Have Yet To Hear From Mike Munchak Yet!?

    Mike Zimmerman Reply

    not really he a position coach, he’s not a coordinator

    Broncos Stampede Reply

    Mike Zimmerman Are You The Real Coach Zimmerman!?!?

    Weston Schmid Reply

    Broncos Stampede lol no cuz

Hotshot Bronco Reply

I’m hoping we make the playoffs.

Uso Penitentiary Reply

Would it kill the media to invest in better mics? Shouldn’t be too hard to get

    Stoney Neff Reply

    It’s been like that as long as I can remember …
    And I knew Burger King when he was a prince .

Jerome Schulze Reply

Cut butt.. He needs to go already..look for another tight end here couple of weeks..

Jerome Schulze Reply

I want to see winfree kick returner or punt returner

ted belcher Reply

Coach palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy There’s vomit in his practice already, NFL’s spaghetti

    rory vonbrutt Reply


Kaniya Seabrooks Reply

And ppl talking bout Noah Fant can’t block that’s why I don’t listen to the media

Klaus Klaus Reply

I think Pat Bowlen himself would shop some mics for the fans to hear the media questions or write them down in the video…. Embarrassing

Seth White Reply

Love this – more of these on YouTube please. Makes work go by faster. Shout out from Lawrence, KS. Home of Chris Harris Jr.

    Jason Randhawa Reply

    Shout out from Overlandpark, KS

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