Coach Fangio on key to victory in #DENvsLAC: ‘We got out to the 17-0 lead’ – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Binx Negale

Go broncos

Daniel Johnson

Let’s go Broncos
Keep Pounding
12-4 Let’s Go!!!!!!

    Cheesy Poof Man

    Keep pounding? That’s the Carolina Panthers’ line.

    Daniel Johnson

    Cheesy Poof Man I know but the locker room after the game they said keep pounding


    *15-4 😉

Vlad Laz

Pretty sure the Broncos organization can afford some mics, I would like to hear the questions.


    I still don’t understand after years and years of seeing these press interviews that the Broncos media team hasn’t installed some way to hear the questions….

    Mile High 6IX


Uso Penitentiary

Game could’ve been a blowout. Offense got way too relaxed. Need them to keep their foot on the gas

    Mile High 6IX


    David Lee

    Yes u right but that was their game plan get out to a good lead and milk the clock . but they definitely can’t be doing that

    Mile High 6IX

    @David Lee they have to get their offense going in the second half

    David Lee

    @Mile High 6IX yes I agree and they need to use Lindsey how Carolina uses McCaffrey

    Mile High 6IX

    @David Lee yep

Drea D'lux

Dang, Spencer is in the doghouse. Bad boy!

Mile High 6IX

I’m going to my first Broncos game in Buffalo cuz I live in Canada and I’m Canadian so yeah go Broncos

    Darion Spencer

    Mile High 6IX gonna be a good game! Bills looking decent this year

    Cheesy Poof Man

    Bills will easily win with Ed Oliver, the greatest pick in the draft.


    So cool to see us broncos fans from the world!

    Mile High 6IX



    @Mile High 6IX
    No from Asia/north america


Lets go broncos lets go 12-4

#1 Broncos fan!

What took us so long to figure out we have a damn stud at ILB?

    J T


    #1 Broncos fan!

    @J T #45 AJ JOHNSON.. he went in and played for josey and played better yesterday than josey has in his career with denver especially in coverage he snagged one pick but should’ve had 2 but he couldn’t pull the second one in


    I wouldn’t call him a “stud” but he made some plays!


    @darrisgetzbucc +1

    Cobra Commander

    I think he didnt do so well in the Preseason. But he made some good plays including the almost INT.


Hopefully this win motivated us to keep pushing and striving to get n be better on both sides of the ball.

The Original Dizzy-D Michael Lavimodiere

Let’s Get 3 More In A Row & Get Back To .500……

Quinton Wilson

Get these next two wins at home short week Vic

Cliff Hanger

I love Vic and his mental jousting.

Noeau W

alexander johnson … START HIM

Chava Lokz

12-4 BRONCOS GANG 💯💯💯💯

Blake Williams

Let’s get to 10-6!! GO BRONCOS!!!

Gmo Gomez

I’m not the only person wearing broncos gear all of a sudden lol


I’d rather listen to Vic then Nagy anyday

david banner

If our OC would get more aggressive, we’d have more of a cushion in these games. And our defense would be even better, this is a championship defense and if our offense finally continue to give them a little breathing room, we will be very Dangerous team! It’s not too late to take care of business!!!

Dream Reef Beltran

Nice to see you smiling coach ☮️😊

Desmon Clark

The key moving forward is keep mike at nose and Shelby at d end 💯

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