Coach Fangio on his health, Drew Lock’s debut and challenging pass interference – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Football season has arrived Broncos Country!!!! Who’s ready for the Fangio era? Looking forward to our Broncos being competitive this year!


    I can just listen to him and tell we’re gonna be good.

CA Sports

Hope you ok Vic Fangio you are a great coach and can’t wait to see you this season.

mark anderson

attention all haters and nfl anylists, broncos are Baaaack…..and my prediction is simple, Broncos score 21 plus points a game with Joe cool, and Fangios D will finish the game with a w

    Bernie Cerri

    I hope you mean defence

    Ray Suda


    J T



I’m prone to kidney stones and boy howdy, they’ll make you brand new. I’m definitely on Coach Vic’s side.

Cubecraft Banned

Seen enough yet? Can we get rid of lock yet?

    Cubecraft Banned

    @Adilson Rodrigues and 4 years of terrible play in college

    Cubecraft Banned

    @Deon Smith ask yourself that question bud. Stop rooting for the team to fail

    Cubecraft Banned

    @anuar0307 I wouldn’t call him that. That’s not very nice

    Deon Smith

    @Cubecraft Banned I can except failure when it happens but it hasn’t yet it’s a hof game 🤣 basically a pre preseason game and your ready to send him to the scrap heap 😒

    Cubecraft Banned

    @Deon Smith I was ready to cut him the second after he was drafted. He’s a guaranteed bust.

Paul Bautista

Coach is eating too much gabagool

    Fernando !

    🤣🤣 Tony Fangio

Ryan Violett

Get healthy coach! We want you to stay in Denver for a long time! Congrats on your first win and we’re on to the next!

Uso Penitentiary

Brendan Langley should be cut immediately after that gaffe on punt return

    Tony Flamingo

    Uso Penitentiary I fucking respond to the wrong comment

    Jerome Schulze

    He prob won’t make it..

    Uso Penitentiary

    Tony Flamingo it’s all good man 😂

    Taylor Made Productions

    I agree 💯 he was a waste of draft pick.

    Jerome Schulze

    @Taylor Made Productions yep he was..

Clickbait Jr

Love that hat!

Jim Marquez-Medina

Love new coach

Domaneak6 Smith

Muhammad is go to be really good the RB. 33 👐 down

    Daniel Chavez

    he wont make the team especially after we sign theo riddick

karl da broncos fan

best wises my guy vic ur a great coach good jon


Luv this guy!

ernest roybal

Keep hydrated Coach…. this is Colorado!

    Charles A Townsend

    Yah its Colorado and Coach got stoned, kidney stoned. 😁

Fernando !

Vic Soprano

Travis C. Johnson

If we got to get him ready…cut Hogan and give those reps to Lock…

    Travis C. Johnson

    Charles A Townsend …I think if 49 catches that pass from lock..we at least get 3 on that drive… I’ve been a Broncos student fan forever.. that means I study the fuckn game…Lock is that dude…he’s already better than Keenum..Ozweiler.. Siemian..all the QBs that’s come since Peyton..I saw alot of positives to he’s only going to get better he needs the REPS IN ORDER TO DO SO!!.. You heard Coach say it.. plus the draft pedigree Elway and the money…Lock will play alot better the the next game..he had jitters they will go away.. and everyone will soon see that Elway made the right choice.. just like alot of his free agent signings and last 2 drafts… look at Peyton Manning’s rookie season…IT TAKES TIME!!

    Kyle De Valk

    Lol dunning Kruger effect live in action

Travis Bruley

Prayers coaches

andrew allen

I don’t understand how I still can’t hear questions being asked unless I turn my volume to 1 million. It’s 2019 right?

Charles A Townsend

That one intentional grounding by the Falcons, Coach saw it to, why was that allowed to go unchallanged? That could have been the play to kept the Falcons from making that nice drive down to score.

Jack McCandless

RB is the position battle to watch. This will be very interesting with Riddick in the mix. Phillip and Royce are locked in but Muhammad, Booker and Riddick is going to be crazy.

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