Coach Fangio on facing the Bears: ‘They’re really good, that’s a fact’ – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Forky is god Reply

I hope we get that dubbbb

Flippant Booch Reply

Let’s shut up the haters 👏🏻👏🏻

    Steven Soco Reply

    Flippant Booch as a long time Bronco fan, I don’t think pointing out our team is low on talent …that we got bullied in Oakland – that’s: B U L L I E D ….pointing that out does not make us “haters”. Let’s get real, Green Bay is not where we want to be 0-2. This is a MUST WIN GAME …. Bears, here in Denver, weak QB …already game two will determine if this is a rebuilding year, or if we are going to have a decent team.

    Tomas Lujan Reply

    We need mike Shanahan and wade Phillips not this clown

Roethlisberger Power Reply

Go get the Bears!

payday64 Reply

the first game doesn’t define the season it’s how you finish and we’re not finished yet. The Giants came in the playoffs 9-7 but they finished the season strong and won the superbowl.

    King Stacy Reply

    payday64 💯💯💯

    Steven Soco Reply

    payday64 but we are close to finished …this week will tell the tale. If Miller is what you think he is, it’s time for him to step up and stop all the healthy runs up the middle and on his side. Just being a pass rusher is not enough. There’s running in football too.

    Uso Penitentiary Reply

    Steven Soco don’t agree with being close to finished. Way too early to tell

Travis C. Johnson Reply

In hindsight.. that loss to Oakland may have been exactly what we needed.. I think we are going to the playoffs..I really do

    Steven Soco Reply

    Travis C. Johnson you are very optimistic…will you please buy a lottery ticket for me?

    James Davis Reply

    i do too travis.

Andrew L PickfordIII Reply

He sucks as a coach 0-2.

    Old Dolph Reply


    Jack Black Reply

    Its Elway that sucks at GM. No disrespect to him or his legacy. I been a bronco fan my whole life but he keeps trying to hire defensive coordinator as head coach. We need a offensive mind coach. And had vic fangio focus 100% on our D

    ray ray Reply

    You drunk

    Steven Soco Reply

    O-1 right now, and the lack of talent on our roster is on Elway. Jury is still out on Vic, but Elway is a proven leader of a staff that does a POOR JOB OF IDENTIFYING TALENT. Hiring crippled free agents, poor draft picks, letting good players go (yes, some picks hit, but nowhere near enough)

    Andrew L PickfordIII Reply

    I’m a bronco fan over half your life since 74. And he sucks! He is an asst coach not head coach.

Jack Black Reply

Danm denver reporters need better microphones i can verly hear anything

Steven Soco Reply

“Leary did fine” …now I know what Vic means by “fine” … (sucked)

Steven Soco Reply

Also “work in progress” means the same as “fine”. (Sucked)

Josh G Reply

Go broncos

Matty Loaf Reply

Coach Fangio is awesome! Hilarious guy, would love to play for him. Bronco Country is gonna be fine

explore 2580 Reply

vic has no clue…the o looks so boring….. he took no chances….you can tell hes a defensive coach…and has no clue about o….they should have thrown a couple of back shoulders or to the pylon near the end zone instead we get trash plays …….they threw right into the teeth of the d…….god damn fake the kick and go for it on 4th down……im so pissed i should be hired

    Tomas Lujan Reply

    Fr vic has no clue how to use r weapons

M 4D Reply

The Bears look about as bad as the Broncos. we’ll see which loser team wins. Disgusting to hear the Broncos talk about how good the Bears are just so they don’t look bad when they lose.

Tomas Lujan Reply

All I knw is wade Phillips is a better defensive coach no fly zone and killed it with von

    Mike Who Reply

    Tomas Lujan You have a point tbh.. Let’s hope we can put a top 5 defense together and win some games.

Mike Who Reply

Our offense of playing sucked for period of time. Which in fact put us behind the 8 ball starting first Q.

Mike Who Reply

Our Defense has to force long 3&7 as did the no fly zone area.. Von & Chubb needs D-Backs to step up. Fuel to our fire. Go Broncos 🎯

Team Member Reply


Team Member Reply

No way Flacco is gonna compete with that D & Khalil

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