Coach Fangio names game captains for #CHIvsDEN – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Zachery Robinson

Chicago is the better team; so this will be a pretty good win for us!!!

    Travis C. Johnson

    Zachery Robinson they have no true playmakers on offense… our d is better than green bays..they won’t score over 13…27-13

    Zachery Robinson

    Travis C. Johnson bold prediction..But I want nothing more than that!! I think the game is going to be similar our first game..let’s just hope we score touchdowns than kick field goals!

    Steven Soco

    Travis C. Johnson more like 6-13. Two FGs for us.

Luigi Buscemi

hi coach, can you hear me?


Let go Broncos 🔥💯

Tomas Lujan

No1 Should be capable of being a captain maybe Sanders. But we are going to play scared football and get smash by another shiity team


    Lol since when are the bears a shitty team?

    Steven Soco

    Tomas Lujan Sutton is our top receiver, not Sanders. This is 2019, get up to speed.


    @MrDopeTv look at Trubisky last week. Enough said


    @Beau Bears defense is absolutely dominant. Enough said.

Genetic Freak

Two teams who don’t want to go 0-2. Should be a tough highly competitive game

nedar giordano

Vangio, please gamble on 4th and goal. Go for the touchdown instead of a field goal. 8-0 at mile high stadium. And snag 4 games on the road. 11-5

Steven Soco

“Very learnable defense”? I thought they were going to confuse opponents. Looks like the Raiders learned it too well.

Javier Duran

We are the best team at home by far, we better win this one Go Broncos #BroncoCountry

John andrews


Tuala Vailoa

Hope we will get the win this Sunday🤞💕DB4L

Bill Romanowski

The Chiefs have a microphone for the pressers. Phil Milani needs canned.

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