Coach Fangio: Jake Butt hit ‘little pothole’ during ACL recovery – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE


Jeff Garcia

I hope jake butt will be able to play this season

    Uso Penitentiary

    Jeff Garcia at this point he might not make the roster

    Jeff Garcia

    Uso Penitentiary ik a Injury magnet

    Jerome Schulze

    He will be gone.. Ford will take his spot

    Steven Soco

    Jerome Schulze Fort, yes I agree.

Already Know

With our luck gotta hope Noah fant stays healthy

juston hammerbacher

I hope he gets another chance to show how good of a player he is. Go Blue forever

Uso Penitentiary

At this point, Butt won’t make the roster. He’s been plagued with injuries ever since his senior year in college and he hasn’t had luck in the NFL either. His days as a Bronco are as good as numbered.

    The Discussion

    Had he not gotten injured last year he would’ve been the starting tight end and we wouldn’t have drafted Fant.

    Uso Penitentiary

    The Discussion yea but that’s the thing… he’s been injured since we drafted him. It’s a lost cause at this stage

    Steven Soco

    Uso Penitentiary Fort will easily take Butts roster spot…👍


    Yeah I just recently came to that conclusion as well. He just can’t stay on the field.

    Mike Muffler

    I agree.. Butt’s been there for what 3 years now or something.. He’s probably on his way out at this point..

Hotshot Bronco

Noah is the starting tight end.

Jerome Schulze

Butt gone soon.. We have a new tight end emmerging ..#1 fant #2 fugati #3 ford #4 heruman butt gone

Chance Makana

This is the kind of coach we’ve needed since Kubiak

    Steven Soco

    Chance Makana better than Kubiac, just minus the sheriff unfortunately

BrookLand F

Ford is looking like a better optiin then butt now

    Steven Soco

    BrookLand F agree, Fort is coming on …nice pickup by our scouting department

    BrookLand F

    @Steven Soco the kid wants to play it looks like. Hes got blocks

Terry Smith

He will be alright. Go Broncos.

Fsu08 Alvarado

I think he has the talent but he can’t stay healthy we just need to move on and cut him

John andrews

Need to hear questions.

Jerome Greffon

Interesting how we used to get the questions on mic. I wonder what changed? It would be nice to hear what is being asked, even though you can piece it together by Fangios responses.

I guess in the grand scheme of things not hearing the questions directed towards the coach of adult men playing a game isn’t that big of a deal.
Go Broncos!! All I want this season is to beat KC…. and Oakland….. and LA. AFC west champions here we come.


Sucks that Jake can’t stay healthy.


More than anything else——–our TE’s just need to stay healthy for an entire season. THAT alone would be a huge improvement. ——————-WolfSky9

Nick Thompson

Can the NFL not afford to mic the people asking questions? Really makes it difficult when you only hear half of a conversation.

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